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Vegan Chinese Clay Pot Rice Recipe with a Bombdigity Sauce that You Can't Have It Enough!

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  1. I can’t wait to try this recipe and Lmbo Seonkyoung I haven’t heard the word bombdigity in forever your so funny 😂 Also I love you Korean accent it’s so beautiful

  2. What I haven’t seen anyone share its the Chinese fish that came in a can recipe! Like I think it’s called Fried Dace with fermented salty black beans. Here is hard to find Dace (USA) but I would love to know if you know this recipe or what would be your take on it, or have you tasted it?
    I’m half Filipina and I grew up eating it, just steam rice and a can of that fish straight out of the can sooo delicious. I think they discontinue it for “health” issues something to do with the Can or fish they use and now if you want to buy it is like 20 bucks for a can or two when it was like 2 bucks before lol

  3. Why is always white guys with Asian women but usually never the other way around? I’m saying this because I’m a Korean guy who has trouble meeting women because I live in like an 80% white area of MA. Must be nice to be an “exotic” Korean woman vs supposedly being good at math with a small 🍆. If you think this is in my head, look it up online, it’s def a thing.

  4. Hi seongkyong! Made this dish today with white rice, and it was a crowd pleaser! The sauce was absolutely delicious like you said — I added spinach, bean sprouts, baby corn, long beans and broccoli to the rice as well! This will definitely be a staple at our house! 😊

  5. Have to make a comment. I have been a subscriber for almost a year now and watch every episode. Although your recent videos look good I am so glad you did not delete your old ones as these are the ones that I not only find best but I also use these ideas in my own kitchen, and share them a lot. I know you do not eat that kind of food anymore more but as I said I am so grateful that you left then in your playlists. Many many thanks! David🇨🇦

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