Vegan Recipes

VEGAN COOKING SECRETS that will transform your cooking

Hope you enjoy these vegan cooking secrets. Recipes mentioned/shown are linked down below! Let me know what your vegan cooking secrets are …

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  1. Generally, I am with you on your recipes, but the collard green recipe did not hit home for me. It just did not taste like the greens that I remember consuming. So I modified the recipe and added just one link of, Field Roast Spicy Mexican Chipotle, and sliced it into 1/2-3/4 inch pieces to give it just the kick I was seeking. For me, it was just what it needed and made such a huge difference. Try it and let me know what you think. IMO, Field Roast has hit the ball out of the park on their Spicy Mexican Chipotle. It is sooooo delicious and flavorful. Do you ever use Braggs Liquid Aminos? Instead of Soy sauce, I have used Liquid Aminos for roughly 40+ years primarily bc it supplies 8 amino acids that the body lacks. Keep up the great work, as you inspire me to become more creative in food preparation and I absolutely love revising all of my recipes and collecting yours. Thanks for the secrets, especially "umami". Bought a bottle of Umami from Trader Joe, but never used it.
    Shalom Shalom.

  2. I love your videos…no..not jus love☺I've been stalkg ur informative videos all weekend! I started today but alrdy goofed up by puttg HONEY in my oatmeal😳..😆this wil certainly be quite an adventurous journey. ThanQ

  3. if you don’t like mushroom powder, MSG also does an amazing job! science has been done to prove that MSG is completely healthy in moderate amounts

  4. I hit subscribe when you started showing the mushrooms. Trying to shift my diet, and discovered that I could use mushrooms as a delicious substitute for meat or eggs! I love foraging them as well.

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