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Vegan Dinner, step by step, I hope you will follow me to replicate this dinner 素食晚餐 (中文字幕 Spanish)

This step-by-step Vegan Dinner is so easy to follow, featuring Mapo Tofu, Stir Fried Bok Choy, and Smashed Cucumber Salad. It takes about 30 minutes (not …

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  1. I love all of your videos. I just attempted my first recipe from your page (Singapore noodles). It was perfect. Love your simple and delicious recipes. I cannot wait to try more. I love the way you show us step by step. I am learning so much and love it. Thank you. Please keep sharing.

  2. Amitofo. I have made several varieties of these dishes over the years. I have done the same for the monastery near me for the nuns, but with out the five pungent vegetables.

  3. I am 59, have been eating Tofu for decades along with numerous other Asian vegetables, make my own Kimchi, spicy pickled radish, radish Kimchi and many other dishes. I appreciate your introduction , technique of preparing your traditional meals, healthy eating with a proper balance of thermal foods, Yin and Yang, the five flavors eating fresh seasonal foods properly prepared is so beneficial to the human body. Again, thank you for your time, I truly appreciate you.

  4. I love your healthy cooking. And the green pan you cooked the bok choy is beautiful. If you don’t mind, can you let me know the brand OR just let me know where you bought it. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for this vegetarian dish. I appreciate it. Being vegetarian there aren't many cooks who think of us and make dishes that are Chinese and vegetarian or vegan. I absolutely love Chinese/Asian food. I'd rather eat it than any other type of food. The flavors are incredibly delicious 😋

  6. Thank you! love your channel – wonderful ideas. I've tried a few of your recipes and really enjoy them! Will try the mapo tofu for sure! Thank you for making healthy Chinese recipes!!!

  7. 炎炎的夏日里,看到你这款素食晚餐,真是一股清流,就是吃不到也感到了“ 爽”!!谢谢你的用心,爱心和美好👍👏

  8. I’m no longer vegan, but I do not eat meat. It was great to see a bunch of dishes that I could make! 😄 I’m trying to learn the ways and seasonings used in Chinese cooking (of vegetables and similar dishes). I think it is a great way to explore culture! I was very excited to see you had this posting. Keep up the excellent work! ♥️

  9. Wow I didn’t know you made a vegan dinner once a week! I am vegan and I have always watched all your videos, I would just adapt the recipes for me… but this video was especially exciting! Love the quick, multiple recipes & seeing you enjoy what you made at the end. Thank you 💕

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