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Vegan Dollar Store Cooking Challenge | Chris vs. Jasmine

Today we are seeing who can make the best recipe out of dollar store ingredients. Make sure you vote for the winner in the top right corner! – OPEN FOR MORE …

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  1. I can't choose one recipe over the other since they are both good budget-friendly meals. I'm always looking for different mac-n-cheeze recipes and have never used raw sunflower this one is a Win for sure. The veggie gnocchi recipe is pretty much a staple in my house during the summer when fresh veggies are abundant. I appreciate your version using canned/frozen veg. I don't always have gnocchi but bowtie pasta is a good substitute…You mentioned Zaatar (the spice) and it is great on roasted veggies!!!

  2. Wow! That Dollar Tree is far better than any around me. Not fair. LOL Uhm, have y'all never seen petite potatoes? They exist, I promise. I would say both recipes are good. If you can do another Dollar Tree challenge for desserts, that would be kind of cool.

  3. Both looked so yummy. I haven’t tried making cheeeeez sauce before but after this, yep gonna try it. I use the gnocchi from Dollar Tree with sautéed veg. So good. You two are delightful to watch.

  4. Ahhh… I wish you would’ve done the challenge without the noosh and only DT ingredients. If you do a challenge, why not do it full out? With that being said, my wife and I are seriously going to do this and we don’t even have a YouTube channel. Hahaha! So much fun!

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