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Vegan Easter Eggs

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on holidays like easter… once upon a time I definitely thought that! But you can still enjoy yourself while having …

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  1. Oh my gosh those look way yummer than store bought eggs! Where did you get your candy for the candy eggs from? I'm in NZ as well but don't remember seeing that before.

  2. I understand being vegetarian or being vegan for health or that u don't want to eat meat but wats the point of eating no animal products unless it's for health ( eggs,milk,cheese etc doesn't hurt animals)

  3. I dont suppose you know of a healthy vegan recipe for homemade (black) liquorice? I absolutely love the stuff, but just found out that the sugarfree brand they sell around these parts contains ox gelatine! I'm usually vegetarian, not vegan, but I am hoping to get more and more vegan dishes in my diet!

  4. hey beautiful! Wonderful recipes!
    I hope you don't mind me asking but is it pretty easy to be Vegan In New Zealand?
    I'm planning on living there for a year and i was wondering how it will be being vegan there!?

  5. You make the word "vegan" sound so sweet… All vegans should look like you, that would make more people be interested in veganism 💖

  6. Can you make a how to clear skin naturally video? I have lots of pimples but i want to get rid of them naturally but i can't find a way how to do that

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