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Vegan Egg Nog Cake! Happy New Year! 2021!

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! Check out this new recipe for Vanilla Cake & Egg Nog Bavarian Custard! You are going to love this flavor combo complete with …

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  1. Hey Gretchen I used to watch you when u had ur bakery and ur friend Stephanie I think her name was…. CAN U PLZ DO A NUMBER CAKE I need ideas for my nephew who is turning 1 and niece that is turning 8

  2. Oh yeah, I’m always doing a baking project that has me up all night or into the morning hours. I do bake-a-thons snd then I sleep the rest of the day and night.

  3. I bought your book and LOVE it! There’s so much content and it’s really fun to read. My family is actually going to try and make this cake tomorrow for NYE 💕🍰

  4. I got your cookbook for Christmas, and I am SO HAPPY!! 🥰 I so can't wait to make this cake when I get the chance! I never knew that what sets Bavarian cream apart from custard is the addition of whipped cream. The more you know!

  5. I've never craved cake so bad until I started making your recipes. Once I'm able I'm going to buy your book. Even as a non vegan I prefer your vegan desserts over anything

  6. OMGosh! I LOVE eggnog so much! Thank you for this ♡ Sending love from Washington state ♡♡♡ (P.S.- Changed my screen name to real name after Sacha's latest frequency video. Hahaha! ♡ Never resonated with the joke name I chose in 2008 "martian10712", (based on my last name), so I could save videos.♡) Happy New Year!!! ♡

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