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  1. Just that planting gives you a heartbeat of like 120. With is in within fat burning ratio 👌Any lenghty housework or gardenwork is amazing for the metabolism. Be still as little as possible during the day.

  2. Her workout is extreme for overweight people or for people with health problems. Actually, her diet and workouts are suitable for slim vegans like her, and not for 80-100 kg fatties. I weigh 74 kg and my knees and back often hurt. All I can handle is 20min low impact workouts without squats.

  3. Hi Hannah I just found your channel! I am just starting out on a whole food plant based diet (little over two weeks). I am wondering what kind of griddle do you have? I wanna try your hash brown recipe 🙂 I have a mini waffle iron but it’s pretty junky haha also did you need to use any oil for it?

  4. Hannah, please can you do a video about your garmin fitness watch? I wear the FitBit versa in the past maybe the differents and your experience?
    I do have the versa now but want to change (to garmin maybe) ?

  5. So you know the non vegan saying, "where do you get your protien?"
    Well, watching your two day plan made me think Hannah pump it up.. I'm sure in a week it balances but chronometer might disagree. I think I'm going to calculate my foods. You've motivated me to see what I'm actually getting vs what I think I'm getting. It's just clsuch a pain in the butt. I think their daily allowance are wrong anyways.
    Chef A.J. saumys eat 3-4 lbs of greens a day. That's hard to do. I have to be extreemly mindful to be calorie dense. Why does it seem so daunting?
    Btw Happy New year

  6. Could you make a video on the kinds of desserts you eat that will still help in weight loss. I converted to HCLF but I’m not losing weight because I’m always craving sugar and fruits don’t cut it.

  7. You make vegan meal prep look so easy. We're trying to get back to a vegan lifestyle but we're having a hard time getting started – can't figure out what to cook that doesn't require a bunch of ingredients we don't have or can't get in Yuma, AZ. Just need some momentum. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  8. I’m so glad to be on your channel after finding out a lot of vegan YouTubers are no longer vegan. It’s been so sad. I’m back in the vegan game after taking a break for less than a year. I thought “de-vegan-ing” would help me lose weight but it made me pack on more pounds. I look up to you, girl!

  9. I've been following you for years but it feels like the only content you're showing to your followers is how they can lose weight. I would love to see a QandA or some other video that shows something you enjoy other than losing weight. I don't mean to sound awful, I just would love to see more of who you are! X

  10. I love seeing you and D’s bike rides!!! Last summer, my boyf and I rode so much… they are my most favorite memories (right now), and I’m soooo excited for it to be warm again!!

    Big love to you guys… you look so beautiful! Keeeerrp crushing!!!

  11. Hey I'm vegetarian trying to go vegan asap for ethical & wellness reasons. But the problem is I dont know how to cook lol😭 can someone snapchat me and help me through this? Like EASY recipes, how to cook such & such, weight loss tips/motivation and do this journey with me?

  12. That doesn't seem extreme. It sounds ideal. Its very challenging to fit that all in but it can be so rewarding. My husband runs 30 miles a week, just 5 miles typically 6 days a week and people think he is extreme. It is just making health a priority.

  13. I buy the McDougalls soups for the seasoning packets. They are proportioned and work much better than the bullion paste. Also the “chicken “ soup is usually the one on sale and to me it taste the most like chicken out of any fake chicken seasoning. I’m not fully vegan, but getting there and this helps me soo much to cook with the soup seasoning packet

  14. does anyone know anything about Hannah's "vegan" tattoo? 4:59 The cursive writing one. Is it her own design? It looks familiar. I would love to make a stencil from it or something to paint it in our kitchen. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  15. Just wanted to say I LOVE when you show multiple days in a video so we can get the whole picture. Love you and your channel! So glad to see you smiling and loving YouTube again.

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