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Vegan Food…? | Jan 5, 2020

I eat it, and it’s good. PLAYLIST ▻ —HASHTAGS— #Vegan #Food #Diet.

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  1. I'm not a vegan, but I've been vegetarian for 22 years now. I have cut back a lot on dairy though since my time with you when I came to visit. You showed me that soy milk that tastes like milk exists as the stuff I'd tried before tasted awful, but that Silk we had over there tasted creamier than real milk, so I've found a few brands here that are almost as good and still as good as real milk. I go through around 4-6 litres a week.

  2. I applaud your homemade vegan meals. I've been a vegetarian since I was 13 so I had to get use to cooking my own meals. I've gotten into making chinese veggie dishes in my wok.

  3. Thank you! Sometimes people almost manage to wash my brain about vegan food, but I remember people like you and I know they cant be right. Im looking forward to creating a stable life for me and to making me my own food every day, its impossible to be vegan when everyone around you is against it and you depend on what they make for food.

  4. Thanks for making the video. I'm needing to change my diet and thinking of trying the vegan route. Feel it will work better for my body and mind. Would love to see some. More vegan videos from you. 😊

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