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Vegan Gyoza Recipe How to Make Flavorful Vegan Dumplings at Home

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  1. Get Printable Written Recipe & Nutrition Facts! ->
    I’m super thrilled to share my vegan gyoza recipe because…
    One, it will be the most juicy & flavorful vegan gyoza you’ll ever taste!
    Two, it’s been a while I shared vegan Asian recipes with you and you all asked me a lot for my vegan recipe!
    Three, LOOK AT THE WINGS AROUND THE GYOZA!! So crispy and delicious!!
    Thanks for watching!! Love you! ❤️

  2. This recipe is absolutely delicious. I didn’t use any egg substitute and they still turned out fantastic! I fried off a small batch of the filling before wrapping all those dumplings to make sure all the seasoning levels were just right.

  3. Just a little something I'd like to share with you… because you are newly exploring this new lifestyle I'd probably refrain from using the word Vegan, maybe stick to saying "plant base", similar good intentions but less offensive. Because GOD forbide you make a mistake and share something that is not 100% vegan or animal cruelty free you'll never hear the end of it… trust that.

    We went vegan over 7 years ago, and till today I say plant base… only because our couches are 100% leather, they are over 15 years old, beautiful with many more years of life left on them, no way in hell would I get rid of them just because our life style changed well after we purchased them… but GOD forbid I get company over and start talking veganism, it's Ike talking about politics and religion, you just don't do it. I have too many PETA friends that still give us a hard time, we don't mind them because we love them… but man they are devious and can be ruthless, I don't think it's right or fair, but now a days everything and everyone is/are fair game, anyway just some food for thought 😉.

    I'm loving everything you are doing and making. You look great by way, like your new style.

    Good Luck!

  4. I made this tonight and they are the yummiest vegan gyoza I've ever had! Tastes amazingly like meat! Thank you for the recipe!

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