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VEGAN KFC BEYOND FRIED CHICKEN REVIEW! | Blind Taste Test w/ Meat Eater Husband

Vegan KFC Beyond Fried Chicken was tested in Atlanta at ONE restaurant for ONE day only! I’m vegan, but my husband is not …

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  1. I don't understand why you want to destroy the planet to create fake food? Just raise and kill the real thing. The Vegan crap has way more chemicals and takes more resources than the real thing just to make a shit product that is no better for you.

  2. I haven’t eaten meat in awhile but
    My husband eats meat and he tried it and he liked it! Also….this woman over here blinding her man and he clacking the fork all over the place 🤣

  3. Tried these today, threw em out, hard and dry as leather. I think preparing these correctly must be more difficult bc mine were inedible

  4. I'm not vegan but I'm a peskatarian so I eat sea food like fish shrimp and crab and sometimes clams and oysters I really want to try this veggie chicken I had the veggie burger at burger King was really good

  5. You look annoyed the entire time. This was infuriating to watch. Also get the damn food in his mouth and don't make him fork stab it blind. SMH…

  6. KFC is in the chicken selling business. This garbage doesn't need refrigerating and is probably kept in the back in an old box. It will be fried in the same oil as chicken and served in the same establishment as real chicken.

  7. How do people know what is in the substitute and if it’s safe and healthy?
    If plant based, then what plants are used, are they fresh or is it recycled out of date plant material?
    These question need to be answered by KFC

  8. This is getting a nation wide launch. I'm hyped! I've been a veg since i was 8 and there's very few things i miss from the meat world but kfc was a rare treat for my poor ass family and I have fond memories of it.

  9. I wish people would push more for change in their oils! That’s the key thing that makes fast food healthy. Whether it’s beyond meat or real meat. They both are toxic as long as they keep using rancid vegetable / corn etc oils. I’ll come running to their doors when they switch to avocado oil.

  10. I have to say something very funny I have four cats two females and one male and I just gave them the beyond beef hamburger along with me eating I made her eating cuz I'm eating it but guess what My cats are eating pieces of the beyond meat hamburger You can't get no more Meat eaters the These are cats They're known to be predators of other animals eating They just got done eating a piece of vegan meat beyond meat So something's going on It's close to that they were fooled meat

  11. Bro the way she would put the chicken on the plate then take the chicken off the fork then he would pick up the same fork then try find the lil ass chicken with the blindfold on was pissing me off no cap lol

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