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We thought a vegan lunch meal prep for the week video would be coming in useful right around now. Lunch is the least common meal we have at home as we …

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  1. My son is a physicist now, but he switched all our devices to metric when he was in high school. So the recipe conversion is not all that hard for me. Plus, I have a food scale I can use when needed. But making the conversion might make your recipes more accessible and less intimidating to Americans who have had no experience with the metric system. Thanks for all videos! I found your channel a few years back and it was the both of you and your recipes that got all my sons more interested in vegan cooking. 🙂

  2. I'm honestly so happy that you use the metric system. it's much more precise and I tend to avoid channels who use the cups and all that cos I don't want to make my cooking more time consuming by converting 💚 I'm still confused when using quarters or teaspoons/tablespoons :))

  3. Love from Majorca ❤ next… party snacks/appetiser ideas for "after quarantine" parties to impressed friends with new skills, please 👍

  4. Can you please do gluten free, it's hard to get gluten free bread at the moment and a lot of GF bread has disgusting additives so only really use as a treat. Really struggling to get variety in my lunches. Please please please

  5. Thank you guys! This is awesome and won't get boring for quite some time! Looks so delicious! In fact, I stopped the video and made the onions right away… Soon I'll make the rest! I'm new to preparing every meal of the day myself and also want to do it vegan and wheat free. You do help me a lot! All the best from Munich <3 <3 <3

  6. Can you do a video on suggestions for what you can put in sandwiches. I never really have sandwiches but I would have like avocado and chickpeas, or toasted bean sandwich but I never know what Else to have on it

  7. I was wondering are going to try doing the wild garlic seeds in malt vinegar from when you had JP McMahon on a few months ago. Also I would love a recipe for pistachio ice cream, would I soak the pistachios maybe with cashew nuts and mix bananas plus maple syrup.

  8. Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes!! They look so doable. Since the supermarkets here in Tokyo are super-crowded, I have refrained from going to the supermarkets too much. These would be perfect food to keep in the fridge, especially at these times.

  9. Oh also, great idea about the pickled onions!!! I usually boil some beets – peel & slice them and add sliced red onion and do just what you did – half vinegar half water. Delish. Never thought of doing just onions – thanks.

  10. American here… and yea, when you say how much in metric I have to pop online and look up how much that is. Funny story… In school they tried to teach us the metric system and I remember SO CLEARLY saying – we'll never switch, I don't have to learn that. But then (many years later) I married my second husband and moved to Singapore to live for a few years… I was so embarrassed in the store when I would have to order food and didn't have a clue how to ask for the amount I wanted… I use a lot of your recipes (the tikka masala sauce I make MOST OF ALL! ) Thank you… I'm ok with converting it myself. Maybe eventually I'll actually remember the conversion.

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