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Vegan Meal Prep | 3 Easy Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes

These 3 breakfast recipes can all be made ahead of time, to ensure that you’ll have something healthy to grab for first thing in the morning. We’re bringing you a …

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  1. Omg. I have made the overnight oats and chia pudding every single day now for 3 days. This is the BEST recipe ever. Thank you❤️❤️❤️

  2. Whenever I make anything with chia I always hide and eat it when my daughter’s not looking bc she’s allergic to chia seeds, but she always wants to eat what I’m eating 😂 I’m gonna try this first soon. It looks yummy 😋

  3. When is coming the lactation brownies recipe? Can't wait for it…everyone is doing brownies and I am just like…wait and you'll see , I am waiting for the perfect recipe 😁

  4. I have been making banana milk since I was a kid, I have never heard of anyone else ever making it! I sometimes add a splash of vanilla. Something new I have been doing is adding some Match powder for a different taste.

  5. Awesome ideas to change up my usual breakfast. I love my oatmeal with frozen blueberries but sometimes I want something different. The chia pudding looks very good!

  6. Looks soooooo good❤ I ma making these this week. I dont know how much of my life I wasted eating the wrong food. This food is so nourishing for our bodies. Xx from uk xx

  7. You guys are such an antidote to all those mainstream vegans, who live on the high horse (all bragging!), while NOT paying attention to RESPONSIBLE vegan diet! Million likes to you guys!

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