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VEGAN MEAL PREP FOR WINTER | 8 ingredients for healthy meals (+ PDF guide)

How to take 8 basic, everyday ingredients to whip up a healthy vegan meal prep + delicious, easy meals throughout the week. Thank you to Lisa …

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  1. Hi friends, I hope you’re having a good 2020 so far! Today I’m showing you my ideal way to meal prep: it’s easy, efficient, affordable, and adds a lot of variety to your diet. What kind of videos would you like to see next?

  2. Been looking for some good vegan meal prep ideas as I've been looking to make the change over to a plant based diet. Found your videos and instantly fell in love with the content, quality and personality in each video. I found the PDF download to be the one of the most convenient resources for a beginner because sometimes the vegan diet can seem overwhelming and discouraging for a beginner. Your PDF makes everything so simple and straightforward. I look forward for future meal prep videos from you. Also, is there any way you could incorporate some high protein vegan meal plans in? Thanks!

  3. I really love this, but I hardly meal prep (except for large batches of say, rice or beans) because I find that at the end of the week, the food isn't as fresh 🙁

  4. Thank you so much for this. I just found you yesterday. Regular meal prep of same thing everyday just wouldn't fly with my partner. This is a great way to get goodness in him without so much work for me.

  5. I am a great home cook. Trying my hardest to become vegan.
    I'm a new subscriber, glad I've found you, your food looks good.
    Now, I will try it. Thank you.

  6. There was not a downloadable link for the Winter Meal Prep Guide on the page the video link too me to. Only invitation to sign up for the newsletter. I signed up thinking it might be emailed to me, but it has not. What do I need to do to get a copy of the Free PDF Winter Meal Prep Guide?

  7. I liked, subscribed and shared your channel. Your dishes look healthy and deliciously filling. Here’s to a healthier me in 2020!🥳🥑🌮🥗🥥🍲🍵 Thanks so much!🤗🥕🍇🍋

  8. Hi! I just discovered your channel and I love it! As a young mother of two I am always looking for ways to have les cooking stress in the weekdays evenings. So I try to foodprep. Not easy to find food that is mjammie for children and parents!

    ONE QUESTION: the maple apples can you cook them and store them? Or do they get les tasty?

  9. This is amazing!!! Thank you so so so much! It is wonderful that you show seasonal prep/cooking. I love to eat raw most of the time, but in Wisconsin in deep winter I crave these warming foods. The PDF is very helpful and so detailed! Fantastic channel ❤️

  10. Finally someone who remembers that kale is a bit tough without massaging. A number of years ago I fell in love with raw kale salads using the massage trick. Kale salads became popular. Eventually no one prepped the kale with massaging anymore and frankly I felt like a goat munching through the tough salads. I almost never get a salad with kale in it anymore unless I know it is properly prepped.

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