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Vegan Meal Prep | High Protein Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Whether you’re always on-the-go or a busy new parent (or both), meal prep is the solution to all of your problems! In a world of fast food and microwave dinners, …

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  1. I have tried the meal prep thing but both hubby and I can't stand eating the same things all week. As professional cooks we live for just making what we want. I give mad props to anyone who can do that.

  2. I LOVE all of your videos! You are both so inspirational and your baby is adorable! You have given me so many ideas! I am not the best in the kitchen, but will continue to try to become better at cooking with your recipes, which appear simple and delicious. I just wanted to say thank you and am looking forward to more videos! 🙂

  3. This is so wonderful! Thank you guys so much for sharing 🙋I work at a hospital so I'm away for about 13 hours a day on the days that I work and my husband works Monday through Friday in an office setting where he doesn't have access to a blender/juicer. Seeing your meal preps are so helpful thank you for the great ideas, we can't wait to try these out! I'm also breastfeeding and have an eight month old son along with a 5 and 2 year old. Loving following you guy's! Thanks!!🤗

  4. Loveeee this video! Working full time and as a newbie trying to transition to the vegan lifestyle that was SO helpful!! Would love to see more videos like this with prep!!

  5. Erin, please more receipts for little children. My 2,5 year old son is really a picky eater 😔😅
    So I would be very thankful for each tip 🤗

  6. I'm so happy you mentioned maybe eating two of those portions each at the end ^_^ I was freaking out thinking I was eating too much lol. But definitely, since I've started becoming more active I've noticed I can definitely put down a bit more food.

  7. Erin and Dusty what would've recommend for starting a new lifestyle… cleaning up your diet to get rid of back acne and face acne ;(.

    Thank you you two, I admire you two very much;)

  8. Love the video. Max is adorable and receives look good. I'm a vegetarian and don't really know to cook quiomna. Can you think making a video showing how to cook that with veggie stock.

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