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  1. I think the meals correlate well with your down to earthness, it's just proper food. There's a common misconception that a vegan diet is all avocados and quinoa when in reality most of us are just eating the same meals as we did before but veganised and I think you sharing your meals shows that! I love all of your different content though, I'm not sure you could post something I didn't enjoy!

  2. I like your meals as they inspire me, as a new vegan I need inspiration. I like the lives but can’t watch as many as I would like. As winter progresses I hope to be able to watch more of them x

  3. I love seeing the meals it gives me a few ideas of things to try and some inspiration on how to make them they are great! And the lives are great also a chance for me to interact with you both and this amazing community which I don't have here at the moment so thank you for that 💚

  4. When I made vol ou vonts last I used linda McCartney pulled chicken , mayo , mango chutney and curry powder for coronation ‘chicken’ 🤩

  5. I love seeing the meals that you prepare for you and Jason. I find myself getting ideas for myself. Really enjoyed the Tofu live though I didnt get to watch it today. How lucky are you guys getting Tofu for £1.30 for 600g. Here in Dublin Tofu is very expensive, averaging about €3.60 for 280g !!!!!. Keep up the meal vlogs with the kitchen chat as well. Loving it. ;-).

  6. I find the vegan meals videos really helpful as it’s the kind of food I eat and the sort of meals I can incorporate into my families diets. The tofu noodle dish looked absolutely delicious 😋. Totally agree that it it’s easier to think clearly when all the T’s have been crossed and the I’s dotted. I hate having ‘unfinished business’ going round and round in my mind. I like everything done and sorted then I can relax.

  7. Love everything you guys do but i especially like your readings and when you talk to Camera about your mood, thoughts, events, feelings etc love your ramblings😆💜 you make and talk alot of sense x

  8. I enjoy seeing your meals as I get some ideas to try – like your mashed potatoes with kalamata olives – sounds yummy! Love listening to your kitchen vlogs, you (and Jason) are such down to earth, real people – someone my husband and I say "we would know these people" 🙂 And good for you for checking on your Mom! Looking forward to more of your videos…

  9. I love to see what you eat during the week. We can all search high end recipes that take hours to make with harder to find ingredients, but you show realistic down to earth food, that us vegans actually eat, and I for one, cant click on those videos fast enough.

  10. The end of the first meal description made me choke on my lunch from laughing! I think we know you are a strong person, a survivor, because you would otherwise not be able to talk about all the trials you have gone through with such frankness. It's hugely helpful to anyone doubting their own resilience. Enjoyed spending time with you; TFP!

  11. Love watching the shopping vlogs, the meals, the mukbangs and the kitchen vlogs (Paul's solo ones), the quizzes and the cook-alongs. The news are also awesome to watch. The meals and untill recently -the garden updates are so heart-warming and homely.

  12. I love to see real meals by real down to earth people like you two! Your outings to hike and shop are also great. What ever life throws at us, Paul, we'll all support one another! No reason to ever think you're bearing the burden alone💕

  13. Looking forward to see some instant pot meals and/or recipes, might convince me to buy one. Need some healthyish comfort foods now the nights are drawing in (feel almost Victorian saying that lol).

  14. Great vid/vlog. Thank you fir sharing 👍👍❤️

    I think your food vlogs are very useful, especially for new vegans who feel stuck/bowled over at thinking what to eat. Lots of variety and very quick and easy. The Facebook group often comments on how useful they are, so double thumbs-up! 👍👍

    Nice one, and big hugs to Joan ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Advocating freedom of speech is so much more important than entertaining censorship – it's fine when your opponents get censored but it very quickly comes round to you being the one who is silenced – your TV experience made me want to paraphrase one of my primary rules of life

  16. It’s nice to see the dinners. Sometimes I stand in front of the open fridge wondering what to cook 🙄

    Love the live format, nice to know what’s coming up so we can plan to be in front of the telly!

    Hope you’re doing ok this time of year. It comes round too quick. If you need a shoulder, or an ear, you know where we are x

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