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Vegan Minced Meat | Ground

In this video I will show you how to make a easy vegan minced meat/vegan ground meat. It is a gluten free recipe if you swap the soy sauce with tamari which …

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  1. hey I know I am very late, but will abalone mushrooms do the trick? I have a can of them in my cupboard and wish to make a nice shepherds pie. also is it good to make dumplings with?

  2. So glad I found this recipe bc I tried it with a different type of mushroom and the juice pretty much did not evaporate at all. I had the pan on high too, it was so squishy I trashed it 🙁

  3. I got super excited then you pulled the tofu out 😭😭 lol I hate tofu. But still a good video for others. If you ever make a ground meat one without tofu id love to see it. Also congrats on getting healthier and going to gym. I'm going to be going soon too

  4. Yeah I'm not a big fan of mock meat either, nor do I like to make it with seitan , but I do have only a hand full of mock meat I do buy that are delicious. I prefer mushrooms of all sorts, chic peas, palm heart or is it heart of palm ….etc .. I'm going to give this recipe a try thank you! 🙂

  5. Omg thank you so much for posting your steak recipe. I tried so many seitan steak recipes and wasted so many ingredients. I made your recipe tonight and my whole family loves it. Just subscribed to your channel.

  6. This is a very nice hairdo on you. Have you made any videos using lentils as ground /mince meat?
    And yeah I do work out @home. I'm down #125 since WLS and pushing for another #76 by next summer keep it up you look great and I'm sure you feel it too

  7. I go to the gym three times to lift. And I walk almost every day. I'm 63 and I think it is essential to go to the gym because senior citizens butts get very droopy and flat unless they work out. And then there's the reason old people need to make our bones strong by working out.

  8. May I ask why are you not a fan of vegan meats. I've recently become vegetarian (hopefully one day vegan) and always wanted to know what vegans thought of mock meats lol, like I get why people would like them and I also get why they wouldn't but why don't you personally like them?

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