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Vegan Onigiri Recipe With Three Vegan Onigiri Filling ideas!

In this video, I’ll show you how to make Onigiri with three delicious vegan Onigiri fillings. Onigiri is the perfect portable snack.

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  1. i am vegetarian and i really wanted to make this but their were no recipes that were. I found you videos as my first option and well it amazing!! so thank you
    -cant wait to make this🍙🍙

  2. What did I just watch… 😂 mate, onigiris are originally vegan, they used umeboshi or dried plum fruit filling, sushi rice of course it's just rice, and seaweed. That it. People made it with tuna filling for variations.

  3. This video popped up as a suggestion for me to watch, and I’m glad it did, you now have a new follower!
    Personally I am vegetarian, but I am learning a lot from your videos, thank you!

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