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Vegan Pregnancy Must-Haves (First Trimester!)

Soooo…. I’m pregnant! Nope, it’s not a Beyond Burger belly. I’ve got a little plant-powered babe growing in there, and it’s been quite an adventure already.

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  1. Congrats girl! Very nice video–your mom's reaction was so sweet. Did you doctor say anything about vegan prenatal DHA? I am not sure if my prenatal vitamins have that in it and I know it's important.

  2. My morning sickness was the exact same as yours. I'm getting nervous because my husband and I are planning to have baby #2 soon since his work schedule is cut for the rest of the winter, and I need him home as much as possible during that first trimester when I can't even stand up in the shower without assistance, and now we have an almost 5 year old we need to take care of. I'm excited for baby but dreading going through all the morning sickness again.

  3. Had my BFP yesterday at 8dpo! I just knew it because I had the same symptoms with my 11mo daughter : moody, cramping, nausea, tiredness and weird tofu cravings! Congrats mama, babies are such a blessing ❤️ we need all the compassionate, vegan babies we can get! 🌱

  4. Hello from France 🙂 I’m also vegan and i will also have a baby in January ^^
    I suffered a little less than you from nausea but now i still have them when i wake up, take the car, or eat… not very comfortable.
    I hope you will talk about emotions during pregnancy because it’s crazy 😮 take care!

  5. Congrats! Nausea all day every day for my pregnancy! Can’t wait to see your tips and tricks. I tried everything for 40 weeks shy of eating meat again.

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope you have a great and healthy pregnancy. I love Old Navy active wear leggings they are comfy with a stretchy waistband and still stay up. They are perfect for pregnancy and I stayed in my normal size.

  7. Lucky baby. Congrats! Your mother's reaction got me teary. You may already follow Deliciously Ella from the UK, (fellow vegan cookbook author), but she had the kind of nausea you are describing and hers passed after the 1st trimester also. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am soooo happy for you!!! Congratulations to all of you❤️❤️ I can only imagine how excited your mom was. I have 3 children, my first was by far the worst as far as morning sickness. For 5 straight months I lived in the bathroom. The remainder was in front of the refrigerator. Lol😂 ugggh. Did I learn I whole lot!!! Best wishes for the happiest & healthiest pregnancy! Looking for ward to seeing those little vegan baby booties being filled soon! 🥰

  9. So exciting!! Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing what you’re doing so far. I really look forward to learning as you learn about vegan pregnancy!! Haha 💕

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