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Vegan School & Work Lunch Ideas #2 | JessBeautician

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  1. I'm not even vegan but your videos make me wish I had the resources to do all these recipes they look amazing and so healthy too! Sadly here in Mexico lot of the vegan products if not extremely expensive they are not sold in the country we have a lot of veggies tho but not certain things such as the vegan yogurts or cheeses on any case thanks à lot for the videos you inspire me to use my small bento box on pretty meals

  2. I will try to make that pizza base because it seems very interesting to me. The only thing I recommend is tomato paste. Do not use that because it does not contain water so it can burn in the oven. I recommend the tomato "passata" or the tomato sauce which is more watery and sweeter. I advise you even before you spread it on the pizza, put some in a container and mix it with a little olive oil, salt, oregano and basil powder. Very tasty!

  3. I know this might sound dumb but would these recipes help with maintaining/losing weight? Because there are some vegan recipes out there that are good but their fatty sometimes. I’m gonna start living on my own and I want to eat things that won’t make me gain a lot of weight, that’s on thing I fear lol.

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