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You might not have realized you needed a vegan spinach ricotta pancake recipe in your life until today. This is a flavorsome, wholesome decadent recipe.

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  1. I LOVE watching you guys! .. Have made loads of your recipes .. That Falafel recipe you did is THE BEST … Yum .. Now I made these pancakes and tried them in my non stick ceramic pan .. With coconut oil ..and they stuck like crazy .. Also on my chapatti griddle .. Is it me .. The pans.. The heat .. Any idea where I'm going wrong?? .. Flavour is DEVINE … Pancake in bits… HELP XXXXX 😍❤️😍

  2. Have been making a lot of vegan kimchi (your recipe) while quarantining. Love it so much. Must try this recipe too, looks so delish. Great to have a video that doesn't start with "Hey dudes," btw. 🙂

  3. Literally woke up, saw this video and realised i had all the ingredients and made it for breakfast, definitely be making them again- so good!

  4. I buy bags of spinach and throw them in the freezer
    They come with their own water when you wilt them down.
    Not sure it is the best strategy but it works for us.

  5. Woah! Looks delicious. We have our Indian versions of the crepe. We call it "chilla". Do try some of our favourites – besan (gram flour made from brown chickpeas) chilla, moong dal (green gram or vigna radiata) chilla, dahi rava (curd and semolina) chilla, dahi alu paneer (curd, potato, cottage cheese) chilla etc. The filling may consist of shredded and spiced cottage cheese.

  6. This looks delicious!

    One thing I have been craving since going vegan is a New England clam chowder. Can you guys create a creamy plant based chowder recipe?

  7. A fantastic combination of simple, nutritious and delicious! Can't wait to try it! Hope you guys are dealing well with isolation. <3

  8. That's look delicious, and I already have all the ingredients… so salty brunch tomorrow! I like the french conclusion hahaha. Thank's from Québec. <3

  9. Hi Happy Pear! Edgy Veg just made some vegan ricotta pasta shells. They look delish. If you want 'drier' ricotta, maybe her method is even better.

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