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Read more about vegan weight loss in my blog post: Disclaimer: Vegan weight loss is …

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  1. You're lovely. You are A+. You are obviously an educated person. What's more, you speak well, you are delightfully thin, and you have an especially appealing smile.

  2. I love your points and your channel 💕 ! But I disagree with drinking water 30 mins before- that reduces the acidity if you were stomach acid and it makes it harder for you to digest food so it’s best for you not to drink water for 45 minutes before meal Dr. Michael Gregor talks about this.

  3. Thank you for your videos (especially this one). I suffer from a host of health issues and have decided to go vegan. I need to lose weight and cleanse my body of years of crap. I appreciate you and Caitlin because you guys keep it pretty simple. I like you love 🍠 🍠 Thanks again.😊👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  4. I have viewed your page multiple times and you are such an inspiration! You are stunning and super informative. I appreciate your page! you have helped me on my vegan journey. 🙂

  5. 1. Drink lots of water (add citrus or ACV if you don't like plain water)
    2. Avoid oil (alternative = water for sautéing and avocado for dressing)
    3. Add more activity into you life (tip:stand while working)
    4. Avoid alcohol, replace with Kombucha
    5. Add more fiber into you diet and eat as many different veggies as possible (search many benefits of fiber)
    6. Have a salad before eating you main meal
    7. Eat when you are hungry, but do not over eat!

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  11. Vinegar can pickle the liver! Vegan has done nothing but make me a stick figure lol. Who has issues loosing weight on a vegan diet? Oil ….if saturated Its good and is needed for hormones.

  12. All great ideas. Bubble baths are not good for women though. They can alter our vaginal pH. An Epsom salt bath with herbs (sage or rosemary are great) but or flowers would be better.

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