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VEGAN What I Eat In A Day As A Model | Plant Based Clean Eating & Body Detox Recipes | Sanne Vloet

VEGAN What I Eat In A Day As A Model – DETOX DAY | My Plant Based Clean Eating Day, What I Eat For A Healthy Detox & The Foods I Put Into My Body To …

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  1. Ooops, all the olive oil made this a none detox! Anthony William says, that if you want to stop your detox, just go ahead and add oil!!! It is devestating. Besides, oil promotes inflamation in the body and slows the blood flow. Check with Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. McDougal, Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. Lyn and so on….

  2. Can we stop this whole detoxing trend. You are a nice girl, but this gotta stop. You don't need certain foods to "detox". Your body is litteraly made to do that. At least don't market it on YouTube. Thank you.

  3. Hi Sanne your YouTube's are superb I really follow them I am from India Shweta Gupta . I am from finance field andy work is just sitting . I actually now started doing some take care of food habits . Do you have any chat box where we can some questions I will search you on Instagram so.that I can inbox you

  4. Y’all are so annoying. She isn’t talking about detoxing her organs, she is using this term colloquially to describe a lighter day of eating after holiday indulgences. It is easier on the digestion system and that is what she is focusing on. She isn’t suggesting some 7 day juice cleanse or other nonsense. This is a single day of lighter eating and is not some sort of long term plan, you can see that clearly if you watch her other videos. Go somewhere else with that nonsense. She generally promotes a very thoughtful healthy way of eating alongside exercise, and is a breath of fresh air compared to so many other aspirational type channels.

  5. Massage kale otherwise it can be a bit harsh on your stomach…really, healthy food should not be harsh on your stomach. Eat juicy steak and it won't be harsh on your stomach becouse this is a real healthy food. Plus your skin is lacking animal.fat, your hands look really old.

  6. Yo soy super creyente del detox, lo amo los que lo critican no saben lo que dicen, yo con ese tipo de dieta he perdido 11 kilos en 2 meses, y me he sentido super bien.

  7. I really appreciate this video! I needed it plus thank you for putting the recipes in the description! I am going to do this today! Yes! My daughters got me a karaoke machine (I love to sing)and tickets to see Celine Dion! Hubby got me a Patricia Nash bag! Gorgeous! Son made me a handmade, wooden state of Texas wall hanging- he lives there! 🌹so blessed!

  8. Your recipes all sound delicious. I have been trying to go all raw vegan but really struggle in late winter so I have been eating raw until dinner and hot hearty soups are sooO satisfying. I also gave up coffee (huge challenge for me. (I used to drink half of a pot daily) but since have replaced it instead with half a vitamix of hot water w/one whole lemon which makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing your detox day tips. BTW your skin looks amazing so I know u rarely eat crap (if ever). Never mind those blah blahs from the medical world about not being able to detox our own bodies by eating really clean… we know better 😉 Plus I'm over 50 and I haven't been sick (cold, flu, nothing! and never ever get the flu shot) in over a decade and I live in Ohio so keep up your healthy lifestyle…you will never regret it.

  9. Love all these detox ideas! When I have a detox day, mine is very similar to yours:) Here is what I do:
    Breakfast: lemon and apple cider vinegar shot
    . celery juice
    Lunch: detox salad with kale, spinach, cucumbers and sliced almonds
    Dinner: detox soup with broccoli and seeds
    A lot of water throughout the day!
    If I get extra hungry then enjoy some mint tea🌿❤

  10. even though this is not working as a detox it is still very delicious! to the salad I also added some pomegranate and spinach! it's so good😍😍

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