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Vegan What I Eat in a Day | Plant Based Recipes | Quick + Easy

What I eat in a Day | vegan edition | plant – based cooking, healthy & easy recipes | Sanne Vloet Hi there, How have you guys been? I have had such a crazy …

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  1. I just made your Tofu Mushroom and Asparagus bowl for meatless Mondays. It's so good! I'm just learning how to cook with tofu. Feel free to share any other recipes you love. Thank you!!!

  2. never been a fan of matcha but i will definitely try that matcha black sesame chocolate!! 🤤😘 your meals always look so good!! i cant wait to try that taco bowl <3

  3. I am a huge fan of your videos and follow you religiously😊
    I spotted this lipstick shade on you and have been obsessed with the colour.
    Actually that is my favourite way of discovering products, being struck by seeing it on someone and feeling compelled to ask what it is!
    It looks absolutely stunning on you!
    If you could please tell me the lipstick that you are wearing and the shade, I’d very much appreciate it😊

  4. I honestly admire those who can eat/drink matcha. The smell alone makes me puke, to me it smells like dead fish. Believe me I tried to like it, because it’s so healthy but I just can’t😭 Please tell me I’m not alone

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