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VEGANISM & DIET CULTURE // and how to fix your food guilt

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  1. Thank you for this video, yeah I feel the emotion too! Bit emotional for me, not super triggering but this is definitely tough for me. Felt a little stuffy in my emotions. Glad you're keeping the dialog open!

  2. You have impeccable timing. You inspired me to go vegetarian/trying to transition to vegan and I'm struggling a bit with balancing my relationship with food now. I have come across "whole food vegans" "calorie deficient vegans" "you're not a real vegan if you eat substitute vegans" and its discouraging… I was having fun trying new recipes and new restaurants but social media started making it hard. Thank you, I needed to hear this.

  3. Great video. I had disordered eating tendencies in the past and had to really questioned my eating when I first became vegetarian. I was vegetarian for a while. I now eat fish too because for me personally I just can’t eat fully plant based or vegetarian without becoming unhealthy obsessed with what I’m eating all the time. It’s just not healthy for me but I understand how it can be for others.

  4. Food should be a positive thing in life, not a punishment. And personally I find that I am much better off not watching ‘reaction’ videos. They can be very mean and destructive.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your own experiences. This is one of your most important videos to me! Seeing that someone "like you" has struggled so much makes me feel – while acknowledging that you clearly had your own suffering – so much better. I know that's comparing, but you seem like someone who has always had it all together, and seeing that you have been where I am is very helpful.

  6. Thank you for making this video. I’m 62. BMI is highly overrated. They don’t consider frame size & muscles. I thankfully started eating healthy/vegan in 2017 which was derailed in 2018 when my hip replacement surgery released an underlying Crohn’s issue. Started from scratch. Food diaries are invaluable when you can’t remember what you can & can’t eat. Plant based & incredibly happy now. Pasta is awesome. 😁

  7. I'm confronted with diet culture mostly in the relation with my mum.
    She has always made complimentary comments when I was fit, and critiques when I gained some weight. Whenever I tried to tell her about my opinions on a healthy relationship with eating and bodies, so keeps saying she just says it for my health. But she doesn't seem to get my argument that even health is still no reason to criticize someone elses body… And while I know she is really convinced that it is all about health for her, I think she doesn't realize how much of it is also about beauty standards.

  8. This was really helpful and nice to hear, thank you! I struggle with comparison and feeling like I need to fit a certain standard instead of listening to myself and my body to find what works for me

  9. Two Youtube channels that I can really recommend to get inspiration for good vegan food are @Rainbow Plant Life and @Pick up Limes. They offer a great variety of recipes and Pick up Limes is even made by a dietitian, who cares more about self-care and our relationship with food, than loosing weight.

  10. I highly recommend checking out Healthy Crazy Cool's channel. Miles is super funny and positive, his diet is very real and he studied nutrition, so he knows what he's talking about. Also he's the nut butter king (very important information).

  11. I’m moving towards a plant based diet and I love the substitutes but I often feel like a “bad vegan” every time I eat an impossible burger or Daiya cheese, so thank you for this video

  12. I think it sounds like a totally reasonable requirement to not follow any kind of restrictive diet/ lifestyle when attending therapy for eating disorders! I think in the vegan community, we tend to built up that pressure to stay vegan no matter what and to be 100% all the time. We should be embracing everyone that does it to their best abilities and that might include taking a break. I think this perfectionistic approach is very dangerous and I often wonder why it is to present in veganism. Well and in zero waste of course..

    I myself have been in a situation where eating vegan was doing my health more bad than good and it took me too long to stop because I didn't put me health first. (Ethical vegan here 🙂). Now that my digestive tract has healed and I gained back all my healthy weight, I am of course back to eating vegan.

    Overall great video though!

  13. Ok, guys as you all seems so gentle, can some of you answer my questions?
    So, why being vegan is better than vegetarian?
    Is egg vegan? And if not why is it bad to eat it? (Chicken lay egg everyday anyway)
    Finally, why do SOME vegans are so aggressive? Like on reddit, if you are not vegan, you'll certainly go to hell. Why don't they understand that being that way will repulse people from veganism?

    Thank you for your answers! Sorry if I sound rude, it is not my intention. (And please just know that english is not my first language so it is possible that my sentences may look/sound a bit weird) 😁☺️❤️

  14. I think this is one of the most empathetic videos from a content creator who makes veganism content I have ever seen. I really appreciate everything you said, it was considered, encouraging and understanding. I didn't know anything about Orthorexia before the comment in this video. I was vegan for a year and as the year progressed life became more of a mathematical equation every minute, it wasn't enjoyable. I have continued to feel guilty for choosing my own mental health since the day I stopped being vegan full time. I really, really appreciate your empathy.

  15. I'd like to go vegan. I cut out all meat except chicken when I was 15 because that's easier for other people to deal with, it's easier to eat out or be "normal" at family functions. My significant other has no interest in a vegan lifestyle and buys our groceries. Anyone have any advice? Is the only answer to buy our own groceries and do our own cooking?

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