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VEGANUARY 2020 | 7 VEGAN DINNERS OVER 7 DAYS | Meal Planning & Ideas

A li’l snippet of our dinners over 7 consecutive nights. They may give you some good ideas for meal planning, or not, however we hope you enjoy watching it.

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  1. Hey guys,I do apologise for the recent mistake I made about the vegan steaks,i didn't watch all the vids you done on those,but I found ya vid you done on those steaks 4 months back,so again I do apologise guys.
    I will solemnly watch all of ya vids before ranting about certain vegan foods etc

  2. Hi guys,have you tried the viva vegan steak,it's really nice and I purchased mine in tesco in the fridge department,it's awesome with mash and salad,I also think they do these steaks in waitrose too.
    You get 2 steaks for £3 or £3.50

  3. I've honestly just fallen in love with you guys. I just love everything about this channel. I love the fun loving manner in how both of you interact and look at each other just filled with love and the funny care free vibes and the hide yo faces so the camera can focus 😂 what I love the most is i just feel like i am watching how yous would interact without the camera just being real and care free cooking for each other and I am so happy you share that with us. So glad I found this channel very quickly became my favourite channel and that cause of the funny personality that the two of you give to this. It isnt like most of the other channels I've came across. Just thanks for being yous and sharing that with us

  4. Hi Guys!! Just made your roasted veg wrap with peanut and chilli sauce…. it was bob on!! However I made far too much veg and sauce so I blended them up with a tin of coconut milk and some veg stock and OMFG it’s the best soup ever…. so thank you for 2 delicious meals for the price of one! That’s tomorrow’s tea sorted! Xxx

  5. love the meals how r the sweetcorn fritters ? ,saw them last week but didnt get them, and did you know that morrisons are doing a big netful of avocado the wonkey ones we got a bag last week with 7 in for £1.50 i think they were all ready to ripen x

  6. For your wraps you should try sweet chilli sauce mixed with vegan cream cheese. Thanks for making me laugh continuously and inspiring me. Lots of love guys!

  7. You made me laugh so much until you mentioned Alice bless her, hope shes sleeping peacefully. It doesnt get easier thinking about those sleeping babies does it, heart breaking xxx

  8. I usually have hummous on a roast vegetable wrap – it’s really good but I’m going to try the peanut butter/hot sauce combo next time x

  9. Aww what a beautiful cat! I was going to ask why there wasn't any mushrooms on the breakfast, then I remembered Jason gates them 😂 Keep up the good work 💚

  10. So sorry to hear about your loss of Alice. She looks very much like my first cat Daisy. She went over the rainbow bridge about 23yrs ago…still think of her even after all that time.

  11. Used your tip and fried some vegan ham slices and had a gorgeous BLT for lunch yesterday. Was fab. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work x

  12. As a kid I hated olives now I love them but haven't had any for a long time. I want to buy a salad bowl again, I got rid of my plastic ones I still have my salad servers they're bamboo and metal ones. Awww so cute 😻 I love that you both have your arms around each other.
    😋😋😋😋😋 all yummy. Does you kitchen aid get love? Or do you leave it till special occasions?
    Love tufo scramble. Bib and bap? Looks amazing. I miss wraps, I might try that wrap. Omg crunchy peanut and sweet chili? 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 that is a game changer I will have to try that. Was Alice a Tortie? She had stunning eyes.

  13. Hello from Chicago! Loved your 7 meals! Day 7 looked Ike comfort food heaven! Btw, that Chicago pizza was definitely not Chicago deep dish style but still looked yummy. Love your channel ❤️

  14. My favourite has to be the pizza (I won't go on Paul I promise), the late, late breakfast and the bib bib bap I do hope I said that right but I love the way you said it. That salad was insta gold for colours. Thank you for all your tireless efforts to share with us your food. Proper cracking inspiration yous two are 🤗💋 Ah how cute is Alice RIP little fluffy. 💖 can I just say as well. I always love the music it's so relaxing 🎸

  15. If you eat with yer eyes, as you say, Paul, I must have put on a couple of pounds watching all that. Still, who doesn't love a big portion? Nice editing, too. Plus, lovely Alice. x

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed that, some great meal ideas there, thanks ❤ I must try the roasted veg wraps. RIP Alice, what a beautiful girl 🐾🐹🌈 x

  17. Excellent as always. I should make more effort with food because as much as I love to cook, I need quick quick stuff. Student and working full time although my Uni has a great vegan selection in its many food outlets. Nooch on veg is amazing. I like it on toast with marmite, peanut butter and some vegan cheese 😊

  18. I'm sorry about your late Alice, who looked like an adorable creature; I'm sure you have fond memories. These meals look varied and tasty, and not complicated to prepare. Anyone can eat a plant-based diet, and this is the proof. TFP : )

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