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VEGANUARY 2020 | Epic Vegan Aldi Haul | Come Shopping With Us. :)

Some great new products in Aldi UK for Veganuary (and hopefully beyond), so we went, we bought, and we show everything we could lay our hands on and …

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  1. STARVING vegan gluten free soy free dam we don't have any of this grand food usa ah love your t-shirts do you ship usa of course i would want Ignore karen why I think it funny lol cheers

  2. “…Only better because ‘nout died”


    I just stumbled upon your channel and I love your videos, I love that you say the prices too rather than just showing the options.
    Keep it up guys.

  3. Those chickpea curry pies are our absolute favourite we have them every week instead of a takeaway because there are virtually no vegan takeaway options in our area. Ive not tried the jackfruit rolls yet because my kids get to them first

  4. It's the first of your videos that I've seen and from the very beginning I thought how fun and positive you both seem to be! Definitely giving out those good vibes. I'm going to check the rest of your channel 🙂
    Unfortunately there's no Aldi in my town, they seem to have many options.

  5. Just stumbled across your channel….. LOVED it!!! Been veggie nearly 2 years and slowly moving to vegan. Have now subscribed as you guys are compulsive viewing. Thanks for making my journey that little bit easier x

  6. i never knew aldi had so much vegan stuff😳 i’ve been vegan since the start of the year and i usually buy my vegan foods from holland’s and berets or sainsbury’s and i didn’t know i could buy cheaper vegan foods foods in aldi! i’m so glad the universe showed me this video

  7. I love you guys! Your so funny. The UK has a lot more vegan options than Canada. I’m praying that a Trader Joe’s will open up where I am, Vancouver BC Canada. Looks delicious!

  8. Oh I wish Aldi (or Hofer, how it is called in Austria) would sell so many vegan alternatives. And I truly love your accents, even though very hard for me to understand. Love your video!

  9. I hope they still carry these vegan alternatives after January! I’d get all my vegan stuff from here after seeing the stuff they have at my local store today ♥️

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