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VEGANUARY 2020 | Mini Vegan Haul from M&S | Come (Ninja) Shopping With Us!

We’ve seen so many posts about the new kievs from M&S so we simply had to get some, and we thought why the hell not show you some bits whilst we’re there.

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  1. Ooooh I’m so happy now I love coleslaw and potato salad 😋😋😋 so happy that M&S gave a good vegan range and scrumptious the chocolate cheery pots and dirty fries 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 another great vegan haul vlog again love you guys 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. I love the Dirty fries, and they taste all the better when reduced 😉 You did well with yellow stickers, you can't beat a bargain! I'm going to wait to hear what you think of the kievs before I try them. Enjoy 🙂 xx

  3. Quick tip for you guys.. M&S quite often have a lot of their Plant Kitchen vegan stuff reduced and its expensive normally but excellent quality. The Vegan chicken chunks are bomb .Worth picking up anything reduced that you can freeze- even if they dont fit your weekly meal plan you can still take advantage of the offer. I dont even like coleslaw but it's great as is the potato salad,

  4. Those dirty fries are amazing. I live near a huge m&s so plenty to choose from although I'm a yellow sticker hunter too lol. Just too expensive for every day but great for a treat. They had some spinach and beetroot wraps last time I was in but I didn't have time to check they were vegan. They looked good though. Fabulous video as always ♥️

  5. I love Plant Kitchen! The macaroni cheese bites are amazing, the pizza is too and the new sandwiches and pastas in the on the go range, and there’s sushi! It’s a great range yes I agree all the other stuff you can get cheaper elsewhere veg etc 💚🌱

  6. Great video! So much choice now compared to when I went vegan in 2005. My Mum also went veggie at 79 and is now almost vegan at 80! 🙂

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