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VEGANUARY 2021 | Easy Vegan Meals & Product Taste Tests

Four recent dinners and three taste tested products. Download our FREE eBook: Our MERCH: …

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  1. You make fantastic snap!
    I tell none Vegans to watch your videos when they ask what do Vegans eat.
    I did the sausage plait you made last year and I’m going to make that Spanish Chickpea stew.
    In fact I’ve made a few things you’ve shown and they’ve all turned out good.
    Love the idea of the humus on top of the stew btw.
    Not thought about the crackers but I reckon I’d give it go…
    Why not?

  2. I made some stew based on that recipe. I made over ten large bowls, full. My kid ate 6 large bowls, I ate two, and now I do not even have enough for a second meal.

  3. Not sure what I think of baconaise! I guess I won’t know unless I try it! Have you tried folding your wraps the way all the Instagrammers are at the moment, where you fold it in quarters? I tried it the other day and now I’m hooked but I’m sure the novelty will ware off and I’ll crave a good old fat sausages shaped wrap again soon! You can pack more in a sausage shaped wrap! 😄

  4. The What The Cluck crisps really nicely Vs This isn't chicken.

    Quite a bit of oil high heat and some jerk seasoning. Not so "chickeny" but good for the crisp!

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