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Veganuary 2021 | Sainsbury's Vegan Haul | Come Shopping With Us! 😀

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  1. Hey guys!! Loved the video, and I wish I lived in England, where being vegan is not only more interesting than here in Canada, but far more cost-effective. It has become mainstream here, but at a great expense. Cheers to your choices 😊 OH… One more thing… What do you think of vegan Quorn Products?

  2. I work for Sainsbury's and can tell you more and more people are ordering plant based milks.

    I think they are doing a great job with their vegan range.

    New to your channel. You two are lots of fun! You are indeed down to earth which is so refreshing. 😘

    PS – I prefer the Hubbard baked beans. The 4 for a pound Sainsbury's ones don't have enough sauce for me. 😘

  3. ☺️ Guys I just found your channel (by chance) and I LOVED the commentary, so informative and funny ( my stomach rumbled all the way through).
    I am a meat eater always have been… But I am now heading for that vegan section, believe me.
    Thanks Guys.😊

  4. Stumbled across you by chance, but subscribed because you’re fab! Amazing to see just how much choice there is out there in regular shops these days; I’ve been vegan for 30 years this year, and can remember the ‘vast’ selection of food products that were available back then… packets of Beanfeast, gritty, foul tasting soya milk (one brand only), and carob if you fancied an absolutely-nothing-like-chocolate fix (bitter, dry, and stuck to the inside of your mouth 🤢😂). When Scheese started doing their cheese in the mid 90’s, it was like all your Christmases had come at once! They’ll always remain my number 1 cheese brand ❤️ It’s never been so easy to be vegan, and it’s great to see how our far movement has come, especially over the last 5 years or so.
    Keep up the great work, lads, showing that veganism isn’t some niche ‘fad’, but an achievable every day lifestyle that simply aims to do no harm.

  5. Is it actually worth getting the chilled milk over the shelf one? I’d heard they’re literally the same product but the chilled ones are more expensive. I always just get the cheapest soya milk and it works just fine for me.

  6. Love your video! ❤️❤️ And you guys! We live in Arizona but usually visit the UK every 1-2 years to see our friends. Can’t believe the explosion of vegan foods you now have! And the prices are cheap. Even the American products are cheaper than what we pay for them! Can’t wait to return and shop the vegan aisles! Will be subscribing and checking out your other videos. Cheers. 😁😁

  7. Been plant based for years, and work for sainsburys, so I know all this. But still spent 34 minutes watching lol. Good job guys, glad you popped up in my recommended. love it x

  8. You’ve got a car, have you not got a Health food shop you could use, and show what ethical Vegan companies sell what Ethical Vegan products?. Supermarkets waste so much food, approx 20% of food is chucked into skips, while still perfectly good to eat!. People would be shocked if they didn’t have 12 feet high walls blinding people to this Ecological & Social destruction. 🌎✊🏽

  9. I'm doing Veganuary for the first time and it's SO much easier than I thought it would be! I was a meat and dairy eater before – could see me continuing to be honest! 🥰

  10. You have a much much bigger selection of vegan options than we do in the US, and much cheaper. Have you tried making chick pea scramble from chick pea flour? Give it a try. We have can can sales on canned goods in January at supermarkets similar to your sales. Our packages of Gardein are usually 4.99, that doesn't make sense.

  11. Veganism is rising!!…🤗 gives hope for our cute animals friends..🐣🍃💫💜……let’s keep spreading that “Peace begins in our plate” and to have compassion for all life forms..🦋..Thank you soo much for this Great video!!! Going to share! ..😀

  12. Hey guys 👋 I tried Veganuary and I’m loving this so much that I’ve made the commitment to go fully vegan. Also just subbed to your channel 😁

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