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Veganuary 2021 | Vegan Meals, Taste Tests & Being Gaymers

More grub, a quick chat about us being MIA the last few days, and some game talk, as that IS where we’ve been. xx Noodles: …

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  1. Found you guys this year. loving it, working on my vegan journey and it's really nice to find people honest about the products, I find Vegan products are either amazing or gross, there is no in between 🙂

  2. Back in work today after a lovely week off and starting this week back in right by binge listening your videos while I work 😊👍🏻 x

  3. I recommend the Sainsbury's Love your Veg rainbow stew with dumplings. Low price and so tasty for a lunch or light dinner. Thanks for more ideas. Love a meal vlog!

  4. I’ve had half a box of that fettuccine sat in the cupboard for about 6 months. I hate wasting food but it’s got to go – so grim! Great video as always 😀

  5. Enjoying everything your both putting on here,watched the villa pie flog,omg I haven't laughed soo much in a long time😂😂😂😂what a tonic you are,as we say in wales👌👌👌xxx

  6. Lol – thought today to ask your take on Lily’s as you guys live near~ish (I can’t drive) but they’ve recently opened up a new veggie/vegan deli down here in Chorlton (just a few doors down from Unicorn). The boyfriend, doggo and I have walked past prior to Xmas but not been in yet. Massive gaymer here! (PS5: Cyberpunk 2077, Switch: Zelda: Age of Calamity) Paul: if you love Portia, be sure to check out Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Jase: How did you find Lord of the Rings last month? Much love from Chorlton! X

  7. I had a Wicked noodle pot (just add water) from Tesco for the first time the other day (rice noodles with a gingery, lemongrass sauce – delicious) and it struck me it'd be great tarted up with extra veggies and tofu as an easy meal for Veganuary, so I'm delighted to see you doing something similar with your noodles. I'm doing Veganuary for the first time and trying to find simple things to make. I've also bought a ready-made vegan soup to turn into a stew by adding extra vegetables, beans, leaves, etc.

  8. You two are like rays of the strongest sunshine pushing through the gloom! Discovered you by chance last week and have been working through your back catalogue, getting my daily hit, ever since. Who needs Vitamin D when we have the Vegan Guys! You should be on prescription!
    Keep up the excellent work. MoMo x

  9. Hiya to the both of you! Thankyou for the follow back on twitter ❣️ only just found your channel and im so glad i did! Both really down to earth, lovely characters, and a well rounded gorgeous couple! I’ve just moved away from Manchester myself – i was there for uni, I actually went vegan 3 years ago and I’m so glad i did. The amount of options and alternatives that are being made now even compared to 3 years ago is amazing. Keep doing what you do, i look forward to seeing your future vids!! Xxx

  10. Found your channel a couple of days ago and have been binge watching since. Love your down to earthness and sense of hunour. Looking forward to watching your future stuff.

  11. The £30 boxes are meant for just lunches for 2 weeks, not 1. Which seems worse. The pathetic looking box you've seen online was a £5 box. Yet again stuff you shouldn't believe from the media. Edenred is now giving £30 vouchers every 2 weeks, only because of the outcry that these boxes have caused. Loved these meals, thanks for the review of the pasta I was looking at that the other week. x

  12. Love the video. Can’t believe the difference in price between wing yip tofu and supermarket tofu. Really need to visit that shop soon. Husband is obsessed with tofu scramble so need to stock up

  13. If it's Explore Cuisine gluten-pasta, they must have changed the recipe. I really liked it the last time I bought it. I always put those bean pastas into a cold water bath after draining to "set" them, though, so a bit more trouble than gluten pasta. Food looked great, so TFP : )

  14. I've had black bean pasta bloody vile lol. The doves farm brown rice pasta is yum but expensive !
    I grind my teeth too, messed up my teeth, now got veneers and wear a mouth guard at night!
    I'm a reflexologist and also do ziggie Bergman facial reflexology, can feel tension melting when someone does it on me! XXX

  15. Gay-mers hahaa brilliant!
    I’m also an avid vegan gamer currently playing Skyrim Elder Scrolls and Fallout 4 and I have to say playing these survival games I also try to have a vegan diet!
    It hurts me a bit if I have to kill an animal for food even though it’s just virtual😂

  16. 💚 love your videos as I always say! Btw Paul you have such beautiful shaped eyes! You’re both beauties but I so wish I had Paul’s eyes and his eye shape!! Lotsa luv! 💚

  17. Cant wait for budget week!! Do you ever watch Madelaine Olivia on you tube? She does amazing budget weeks for herself and her partner, please do Tesco! I live in Dublin and we do have Tesco here so it would be very interesting to see what you buy!! Much love to you both xxx

  18. Oooh your meals always look so delicious and colourful 😋 Looking forward to the Live tomorrow night. It’s guaranteed to be a great Saturday night when you guys are on 👍🏻

  19. Ooh excited for budget week! Also appreciate when a food item is yuk 😂. A lot of the time if l think something is too expensive when it first comes out, l will look out for it on offer or just before sell by date. That way l get to try it but don't feel like l've wasted my money if 'orrible 😂. xx

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