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Veganuary 2021 week 2 + Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes recipe

Veganuary Week 2 update. We have been without animal products for 15 whole days now. I’ll admit, this week was heavy on homemade vegan brownies, but …

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  2. In Poland the situation is the same which means pretty f*****' far from ok.. The main thing I pray every single day is staying healthy, but not particularly from covid, but from any other illness as well, I mean toothache, or – please don't – heart attack or something like that, because ambulance will probably not arrive right on time, but if yes anyway, I could catch coronavirus from a doctor or nurse, for instance.
    According to that I have to ask: how do you get all these foods during pandemy? I ask because it's not quite easy if we want to keep shopping distance and not catch that virus. Sometimes I think that we'll all die by that covid. Sooner or later. It's very stressful and your channel helps me stay calm, for sure. I know that I should be like a Superman or Batman rather, but I can't. It's bigger than me.
    Music on your channel is awesome, Kel.

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