Vegetable Chop|Veg Chop Kolkata-style|Vegetable Cutlet|Beetroot recipe|Easy Bengali Snacks Recipe

In this recipe for Bengali vegetable chop (sometimes called beet chop or veg cutlet), we recreate the popular and beloved Kolkata street food. The main …

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  1. This chop contains egg, then how vegetable chop? I guess this is veg only for bengali people.Chop is amazing. I'll try it with coating of ap flour batter and then sooji.Thanks alot for this wonderful chop recipe. I have seen this type of chop many times in trains as veg cutlet.

  2. ami bongeats er ank boro fan.. ami onk ranna try korechhi apnader recipe dekhe.. kasha mangsa.. vegetable chop recipe best.. apnara aro natun natun ranna r recipe din .. specially fish r recipe..

  3. Thank you @Bong Eats… for this amazing recipe.. we are staying outside Bengal for years now and really craving for delicious kolkata style food… I tried this today and it turned out so well.. Just one request if you please share the quantity in tbs or tps along with the weight it would be really helpful 😊.. Love from both my husband and me..

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