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Vegetarian Muscle Building Diet | Full Day Eating | 6 Meals | 150 Grams Protein | ENG SUB

vegetariandiet #musclebuilding #fulldayeating #fitnessmylife2018 Muscle building on a vegetarian diet is not challenging if you know what to eat. Check out my …

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  1. Brother please reply I need to know my height is 5.8 ft and body weight is 71kg I am on cutting, I just want to know is getting 180g carbs daily is safe for cutting? Please Reply

  2. I didn't even saw ur video just from starting with ur fashionable small bowl & kind of body u posses i can guess u r copying someone. First of all the place u were born & staying is important. Then comes the main food which are sourced from that particular land or sea nearby . The body itself adopt or extract proteins, carbs ,fat etc sources from different meal of that land which has sufficiently produced eatables of all kinds. No need to copy western diet plans like kito n bla bla. Eat desi khana where u lived ur place according to its climate .but yes do calculate amount of proteins carbs fat etc if u r working out. why the hell we need to copy western guidance when we have sufficient guides available as parents or grandparents who can tell u what to eat.

  3. Sir aapka jo ghar ka kitchen hai
    Aap video mein guidelines de rahe ho
    Aapki Back mai Lord Buddha hai kitchen se Hata kar dusri Jagah shift kar dijiye
    Please sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Being a vegetarian I personally felt it very difficult to maintain a good muscle mass. Even some of the items I take are shown in this video. But can you give me more information about protein content per 100 grams of these sources.

  5. भाई क्या तुमने कभी non veg नही खाया, खाया है तो ये क्यों बनाई ये वीडियो।

  6. Soya will definitely lower your testosterone and libido function I have personally experienced it .same was the experience of couple of people i know .It is not a myth. I just stopped using Soya diet and everything was normal .Moderate soya diet is good

  7. 250gm boiled potatoes have 220 calories and roughly 3.5gm of protein that means your whey protein had roughly 26gm protein so even taking the lowest calorie counts it will be around 104 calories and your meal 2 was 285 calories? even adding protein and carb its 296 calories how come it's 285 calories? please provide proper information because there are a lot of people who don't know how to count calories and you are misguiding them.

    also you should not take more than 25-30gm of soya chunks everyday it will lead to increased uric acid and kidney problems

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