I hope this gives you tons of motivation to get some things done in your own home! Thank you so much for your support! Have a blessed day! Pineapple angel …

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  1. So happy you and family are doing better. Take it easy, don't overdo. Your kitchen is looking so pretty. Know you will be so happy to get it completely finished. Have a blessed day.

  2. Ur kitchens lookin great and i luv u alls home!!! So well loved w family. Glad ur feeling better. When im feelin off, have no energy to clean. U take for granted ur health when ur older i guess! Will def try that pineapple dump cake tfs!! Maybe an air fryer is good for the taquitos, no frying w maybe a spray of olive oil!! Glad ur on the mend!!

  3. Omg! My husband’s bedside table is always a mess! Snacks, wrappers, water bottles you name it! Lol 😆 drives me crazy ! 🤦🏻‍♀️. Love your channel ! ❤️ 😀

  4. I thought your brother was going to take your island. Did I miss something? Did he decide not to take it. Enjoy your fresh clean house. Nothing harder than a day of cleaning, but nothing more satisfying the day after. 👍🏼😂

  5. Fun fact about the spin mop bucket….after a week of no power from the big derecho storm hit I learned it doubles as a wringer for when you finally break down and wash undergarments in the bathtub! Spins the water right out! A fun fact I NEVER wanted to learn….

  6. I agree with the instant pot! I have already worn one out. I love your son's quilt! I have always thought of tortilla warmer unnecessary, but I have changed my mind. I will be trying rolled up chicken things. Beautiful, sweet home.

  7. New Subscriber here! Definitely got a lot of motivation. With distant learning about to start this week, need to get my house in tip top shape. Greeting from Los Angeles!

  8. We bought a big sectional from Big Lots a few yrs ago. It’s held up great! We bought new furniture from Ashley Home Furnishings a few months ago and the old Big Lots couch, now in the family room, is actually the preferred lounge spot over the new stuff. Ha!

  9. I enjoyed your vlog so much! So very motivational! You are such a great decorator! You always put just the right decor in just the right place!❤️I loved what you made for dinner! I definitely want to make your angel food/pineapple cake! I’m so happy that you and your family are feeling better! Take care and thank you so much for sharing your day!❤️

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