Vlog: New Outdoor Furniture, Healthy Salad recipe, breaking whole30! | Julia & Hunter Havens

We’re back from LA and figured we post a few vlogs from last week while we are working on the LA vlog. We’ve missed y’all and we’re excited to be back to …

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  1. hello everyone reading this comment!! i am an aspiring youtuber who lives in HAWAII i will love u forever if u checked out my channel and subscribed if u like what u see!!!!!!

  2. I saw hunters desert wolves sweatshirt pop up on my Instagram last week and forgot to screenshot it and now can’t find it anywhere! What is the company again? Your backyard is soo cute!!!

  3. Keep posting the previous vlogs! You guys just have the chillest vlogs I love watching them lol I read the comments as I watched the car part was funny prob wouldnt have noticed if they didnt point it out! And Hunter with his Salt Bae…missing the food completely hahaha

  4. Lol yay new video!! Yay glad you guys are eating in moderation that’s why fad diets are UNATTAINABLE!! Chick-fil-A is bomb everything in moderation ❤️ also I’m from IL and never heard of the well done feature they used to offer!

  5. I live for these vlogs! You could be folding your clothes and I’d still watch you! You make me
    Work days much better thanks guys !

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