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Voted Best Buffet in Vegas | Bountiful Dinner Buffet @ Wynn Las Vegas

After spending a great time in Vegas with the friends, it’s time to get back home. Well, at least that was the plan. Flying on a discount airline usually means taking …

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  1. How can anyone dislike this video? This guy is a sweetheart. His video was clear and informative. And the video didn't shake like other people's videos. Good job!

  2. Im pretty sure these cooks and food preppers do not like being part of your blog with a camera pointed at their face putting on a pretend show just so you can make money on YouTube. Rediculous lol

  3. I'm pathetic. Been gluttoning on Vegas buffets shows.since all casinos in US shut down. I like watching you all eating at delicious buffets with so many options. Best thing is you can walk around&get your own foods. I'm sitting here crying&drooling. I'm so sad. I want the COVID19 to be resolved soon do I go back to this loveliness!!!!more crying&tear.

  4. It's so weird to watch this video during this pandemic. Buffets will never be the same. I would imagine everyone would get gloves and a mask going through the buffet if they ever open. No licking fingers any more. All those workers out of a job right now. We had it so good just a few weeks ago. So much abundance that we took for granted.

  5. I stay at the freemount hotel in las vegas wheres the wyns hotel in las vegas what base in vegas has the helicopter looks nice below the vegas strip and the lights looks nice below do you live in vegas

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