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Waited SO LONG For This??? British In Philippines Life Update

We’ve waited so long for this. Only to be met with great disappointment 🙁 British Living In The Philippines Life Update Our names are Jmayel, Sacha & Story.

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  1. I do hope u guyz stay and Story grew up as a beautiful, lovely lady 👩. U have found one of the most gorgeous, peaceful, renowned, generous, kind loving people and country like island which every person's like me wants to live in. I watch your shows and enjoyed seeing and knowing how you guyz raised the little gorgeous young lady in a non stressful, fast pace life unlike the city. Until then, "God bless your family.."

  2. Hi Sacha and Jay, can you please tell me if your parcel from the uk was sent by Royal Mail? I’m in the UK and I want to make sure it arrives in Philippines if I sent parcel via Royal Mail at this time of pandemic ?

  3. Sorry let me recap. Under the tray there should be a round knob to adjust the scales to zero. If it does not then open the scales and by pressing down on the tray support you can adjust the round knob from inside and by turning the knob at the same time until it sits at zero. It takes a bit of playing around but a man with your intelligence will find a a way.

  4. I had scales like that that did not register the correct weight when they arrived in transit. You can fix it if you go inside and adjust the weight. Put something on the scale which you know the weight and adjust to that weight. A bit of patience is register. But you can do it.

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