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WALLEYE over Camp Fire on REMOTE ISLAND {Catch Clean Cook}

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  1. I haven't been to Canada in probably 30 years… But I do remember it just the way you described it quiet peaceful and beautiful… Couldn't ask for a better place to visit

  2. dearmeatfordinner,
    One of the Biggest ASSHOLES on YOU TUBE, what a fucking Fake POS. This Asshole is nothing more than a YT snake oil salesman spewing LIES.

  3. Great Video Rob, yes Saskatchewan is beautiful! I am from Regina Saskatchewan. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip. Been a subscriber for a while, and watch every video.

  4. There's a reason why God plans on renewing earth and making heaven on earth.. God bless you bro it's so amazing that your so Appreciative to God for all things he's blessed you with all of us with. God bless you bro and your family and channel

  5. Wish I would have been able to meet you while you were in my home town of Saskatoon! The hotel you stayed at is like ten blocks from my house. If you come back up here would love to go fishing with you!!! Can tell you love it here as much as I do. Don't be a stranger!!

  6. I been watching your channel for a few years and I tell ya the meals you create from what you harvest is really dope. More importantly, you share with your friends and family.

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