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We Had A Pajama Party! Pillow Forts, Snacks & Disney Movie Reviews! | Home Vlog

In today’s vlog we wanted to have a fun pajama party! We’re trying to find fun new ways to have a good time while stuck at home, so we made a pillow fort on the …

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  1. I have to side with Jenn I have always thought a few was 3 & several was derived from seven as well meaning seven or more 🤣 & then y’all talking about Rapunzel & Flynn- sounded like y’all were trying to confirm a real Hollywood couple sighting. Y’all are the best!

  2. Homeschool. It's amazing. My daughter is almost 6 and this was our first full year homeschooling. She has a ton of friends, she's super smart, and we're outside all day while the public school kids are stuck inside. Think of all that family time and all the time you guys could be spending together at the parks while public school kids are sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week. You can get his learning done in an hour or less a day.

  3. Hey guys you should use parchment paper instead of foil. The cookies will come off easier. Jenn how have you not watched toy story 2 and 3. They were great. Toy Story 4 is my least favorite of the 4 movies. Your fort is great.

  4. I've been watching a few months now and so enjoy your vlogs. We went to Disney World for the first time the week of Thanksgiving last year. Your videos and knowledge were invaluable. We weren't stressed and everything flowed so well. It truly was magical. I also just love the pure joy you have. Completely off subject; where did you get your couch? Anywho, thanks for all you do.

  5. What the actual heck! I assume you guys are using Disney+ why not just watch 2 and 3 before 4. This logic makes me sad. I don't understand It's not like you went to redbox and all they had was 4. Almost considered unsubscribing for that lol jk but for real guys ?????

  6. I’ve seen Frozen 2, Onward and all the Toy Story’s (cried in them all except the 1st Toy Story) Onward I knew I was gonna cry my eyes out because my dad died 4 years ago and I had to hold back in front of the family watching it….both my kids sat and watched the whole thing they are 5 and 8….so I loved Onward and would def watch it again it’s hilarious and heartwarming ❤️ watch it if you haven’t it’s wonderful for a family movie

  7. Jenn, I love your hair like that! It’s cute! Yumm my family loves Nestle Tollhouse cookies 🍪! Growing up, I learned a few means 2 or more. I love Frozen II. I vote next movie you guys watch is Coco!! Jenn, you’ll love it! The colors are so beautiful and it’s such a touching story. I loved Frozen II more than Onward and I was all excited for Onward. When I first saw TS4, it was okay b/c I wanted Andy’s toys to find their way back to Andy and find Bo Peep on their way. But than I watched it again when it came out on blu ray, and as an individual movie, it’s a good movie. Now you guys need to watch Lamp Life on Disney+ 😊☺️💙

  8. My kids and I have made a fort, cookies and pizza today. We are in PJs and watching The Secret Life of Pets 2.
    2 ingredient pizza dough is 1 3/4 cups of all purpose flour and a cup of Greek yogurt. That's enough for 1 pizza.
    Thank you so much for your vlogs they are helping us through lockdown in the UK as well as planning our dream holiday when this is all over.

  9. You definitely need to watch Toy Story 2 & 3. Learning about Woody's backstory with Jessie and Bullseye is important in my opinion.
    Also, I cracked up at "It's super late. It's 10:30pm" I've always been a night owl so this was hilarious to me.

  10. The secret to the crispiest chocolate chip cookies is to let them cool on the inside of a paper bag. And a little veggie oil just a couple tablespoons for extra richness without the stickiness.

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