We Tried 16 National Seafood Chains. Here's The Best And Worst

Sure, trusting just any seafood restaurant that you spot on your daily commute isn’t always wise, but there’s sure to be a go-to seafood chain for you. How well do …

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  1. B.S.

    Long John’s is fantastic for what it is. And here’s a hint:

    Unhealthy means it TASTES great.

    And Arthur Treacher’s is/was great too.

  2. Wow! You actually slammed Landry’s. Before Landry’s turned into a tourist attraction, it used to be very good. We live in SE Texas which means we have Landry’s all over the place. There are several seafood restaurants in our area that are so much better and cheaper. Pappadeauxs is awesome. Expensive but fantastic!

  3. The LAST word I would use to describe Red Lobster (or Dead Lobster as I call it) is RELIABLE.

    But then again…if you want your food reliably overcooked (crab legs so overcooked the shells are soft and mushy) or reliably undercooked (salmon and cod supposedly grilled, yet served partly RAW), then yea…Red Lobster is "reliable".

  4. There used to be a great seafood place out by O'Hare airport in Chicago. It closed down a few years ago. I don't remember the name but it was next to a Sheraton hotel. I used to eat there whenever I was in town. It was a place where the wait staff wore dinner jackets and long white aprons.

  5. My girlfriend has a fish restaurant, the best fish in town, open up the doors and a smell of fish so pungent, you'll just get weak in the knees and dive right in. She has another establishment right under called the watering hole, great to have a nice dark tangy drink with a few small berries

  6. she's NOT kidding about Pappadeaux's if you order that platter you should be STARVING not hungry because it's HUGE!!! Eddie V's and Bonefish Grill and Mccormick and Schmidt's are all tied for first in my book! love them all!

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