We Tried All of the TGI Fridays Appetizers | TASTE TEST

Let’s be real… apps are often better than the main course. We tried ALL of the appetizers from TGI Fridays, from your classic mozz sticks and whiskey-glazed …

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  1. Hi . I finally started my own youtube channel thanks for the inspiration by you. Your videos have inspired me alot to chase my passion. I love cooking, I'm from an island called Sri Lanka. We have so many authentic spices and dishes here. well I have posted few videos in my channel and will be posting more in time to come. Well thanks again for the beautiful and tasty recipes

  2. Tallying up all the reasons I need to leave this small, but lovely weather town, no TGI Fridays is added. Second year here and the only pro is the weather. Great video.

  3. Too bad everything they ate was ice cold. Only bad part about these types of videos. It's impossible for them to eat all hot food when recording because it takes a long time to do everything.

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