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Week of School Lunches – January 2020 – Easy Homemade Lunch Ideas

Hi Guys, My name is Nadia and welcome to my channel. I am a working mom of three kids that are the joy of my life and I share many ideas on homemade …

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  1. Great video! I love seeing what you made the kids for lunch. Quick question about a past video: what ratio of rice to water do you use for instant pot? I’m thinking of making pulao in it.

  2. Tonight am roasting a turkey, a very nice one, we got on sale after the holidays. Like you, we prefer not to have loads of salt, nitrites/nitrates and whatever else they put in there for lunch meats. We will eat turkey for dinner tonight, have leftovers and I will slice some thin for lunches – pita bread sandwiches or salads and of course make a giant batch of soup! You are such a good mother! Always so proud of how you make the very best choices you can for your beautiful children. We are always thinking of you and wish you every happiness. 🙂

  3. Hello my sweet friend 💗.
    I think not using lunchmeat is a wonderful idea. The chicken you made looks amazing and is much healthier.
    The red lobster biscuits in the box are so yumny. I make the all the time.
    Awesome video. Have a wonderful week💗💗💗

  4. You never have to apologize sweetheart. Life happens, and you tube isn’t a priority at times, and we all get that. I hope all your situations work out in your favor

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