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Week of Vegan Meals for Two People! $32/ each

Today I show you how me and my boyfriend grocery shop and meal plan for the week. We eat a plant based/ mostly whole foods …

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  1. We don't have an Aldi in Maine, but it was still really interesting seeing what you paid last year for things. What a difference a year makes! I'm going to try more of your recipes as I work to convince my husband to go plant based as well.

  2. A tip I just learned yesterday: don’t press your tofu. Cut it how you need it, then BOIL it in salt water for 3 minutes then drain. Season and cook how you like, or don’t cook again.
    Mind blown!!!
    Edit: I learned this from SauceStache

  3. Excellent!! Thank you for doing this! My husband and I are new to plant based eating so seeing a grocery haul and actual recipes and how to make them is sooo helpful!

  4. The saying 'you are what you eat' is true you're radiant and glowing with health, lit from within ! Fab ideas esp your home made sauces and salad dressings. There's something to be said for wholefood plant based and cruelty free vegan

  5. oh hun i LOVE your videos! i especially love how you shop! Wow! you dont buy junk and you got such bargains! Youre a great cook too but you forgot one thing in the instant pot soup the first night…SOME OF THOSE AMAZING 99C POTATOES!! (i'd be tossing them in everythingggg!) lol

  6. These meals are great, easy to put together but really tasty and wholesome too! The only downside is that you don't provide the recipes as it took me quite a while to write everything down, but am looking forward to trying some of these out, thanks! 🙂

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