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Hey party people! Thanks so much for hanging out with me while I share with you this new weekly meal prep cook with me 2021 video! I share some new …

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  1. I don’t know why, but for me pasta salad requires peas! I just toss a bag of frozen baby peas in the pasta thirty seconds before I drain it and they are perfect! You aren’t crazy, Subway definitely used to cut a V out of the top of the bread and build the sandwich, then top it all with the bread they cutout! Salt, pepper, vinegar and oil is all a sub needs!

  2. I just found your channel less than a week ago and I’m so very glad I did! You are hysterically entertaining and your vids are always longer than most others I subscribe to but well worth the extra time. The way you prepare food makes it seem that you don’t know what you are doing but you have great instincts and the food always looks very appealing and I wanna sit down to dinner with you! Keep up the great work!!

  3. I smack my eggs with a wooden spoon when I put them in the ice water so they are pretty cracked up and they peel like a dream. I can’t wait to try the bacon dishes!

  4. I love subs and I make our as well. I have a lot of stuff on ours lettuce, assorted sandwich meat, onion, green pepper, cucumbers, pickles, tomatoes, mayonnaise and some pepper. Yes subway used to take out some of the bread off the bottom part of the bread. They did that so everything they put on them stayed in place better. I enjoyed watching you cook I have missed this so much. Hugs 🇨🇦🤗

  5. Put a little vinegar in your water to help with egg peeling and then when you peel hit the bottom of the egg their is a tiny air pocket makes it so much easier to peel:)

  6. If you cringe touching mayonnaise, imagine your mother putting it in your hair to treat for head lice. It smelled awful, felt really gross, but it left my scalp really moisturized & my hair felt silky and luxurious.🤨

  7. Just FYI, about the eggs, I think the reason you pop them in really cold water after they're done boiling is b/c you're trying to to shock them/they shrink up. Basically they expand when you're heating them up and when you shock them with the cold water, they shrink away from the shell so it's easier to peel. At least I think that's the thinking behind it! Definitely works for me especially when the water is really cold (plus I change the water a few times to make sure it stays cold).

  8. When I make hard boiled eggs, I will hit them on the counter and then gently roll them like you would a lemon and that makes the peeling SOOOO much easier!!! But I may also be the only one to do that. I’ve never seen anyone else do it

  9. To peel hard boiled eggs, after the ice bath,, crack and roll on the counter first, then peel.The shell will come off on 1 or 2 pieces usually.

  10. I came across your videos a couple months ago honestly I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You make me smile and laugh SO MUCH and watching you really brightens up my day. Thank you for these videos!!!!!

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