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Hi loves! Today’s video is my first ever Meal Prep! I’m so excited to start doing these on my channel. These are super quick and easy Meal Prep ideas for Weight …

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  1. I love how real you were in the beginning lol . When I clicked on it I was expecting you to be like perfect at this ..but you was like nahhh bitch I been drinkin I ain’t meal prepped in 2 years lol made this more relatable 😂😂

  2. I add water, lemon juice and adobo to my dressing after emptying half the dressing into another container, to thin it out BUT keep flavor and not use too much calories

  3. It’s funny to see all the Wegmans food in your video, I’m from Rochester NY where it started and I forget how many states we’re in now along the east coast.

  4. Tip from black people: season your chicken over night but I'm just proud you're out here seasoning your chicken at all 😂😭❤

  5. Loved this video, I hope you keep sharing your fitness journey! I've been LOVING adding cooked shrimp to my salads, with some adobo on the shrimp!!However, I don't think using processed dressing every time you make a salad is great… Try to swap it out sometimes for a homemade vinagrette! I love using: a little olive oil, a little balsamic, ACV, lemon juice!! No chemicals that could be found in processed dressing:)

  6. In the event that we win and In other words truly succeed, when ever we rise above we become even more formidable as individuals, we drive into an exciting new phase and then we can change. This improvement whatever it could be and for whatever cause, is really what enables you to be better as a person. Embrace the change and therefore let’s along side each other help make 2018 the greatest year of our lifetimes!

  7. I’m vegetarian, and it’s kinda hard meal prep.. but I’ll always wanted to try! It’s kinda complicated looking for alternatives that have about the same nutritional value.

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