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Daytime talk show host Jenny Jones Can Cook! Jenny shares her home cooking with videos made in her own kitchen. With over 100 MILLION VIEWS the world …

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  1. Hi Jenny its Janie.. I' am making the receipe for Pan Pizza of your receipe. I made it last night..So I just looked at it..It has I think its doing ok..I just didn't have the regular yeast, only self rising…I think all your receipes are so good and you make it fun to cook.I love to cook and am making 2 more cook books plus a pizza book..but somehow I lost my dough hook for my new cooks campanion mixing bowl…I can't find it..its not in my kitchen…I tried to get in touch with the company but they no longer have parts in stock…maybe you know someone who has my mixing bowl, and I could buy their dough hook cause they don't want their machine or their machine isn't working anymore…well thought I'd try with you.I'm Slovak..I'm very close to Polish., like you..I made Hulpkey this week…we make it with rice but tastes the same as like yours…Oh well, I gotta go..stay well and stay safe..Its the Cova 19 still spending around…times….Bye ……………………………Janie Kovaly

  2. New subscriber to your YouTube channel. You are getting close to one million subscribers!👍I already follow you on your website. Your recipes, spirit, and generosity are awesome. The world needs more people like you, Jenny Jones. Love you! 💕👩‍🦳

  3. I love your recipes. I just wish you would watch what you say a little more in them. Sometimes you are funny. Sometimes you are not. I need to make sure my daughter isn't around to hear what you have to say. Yikes!!

  4. Love this lady. She is an excellent teacher and so enthusiastic. She makes you happy by just watching her. Just made her no knead rolls. Came out crusty and lovely. Thank you for making and posting those great videos.

  5. Loved your show and watched them all back in the day, Jenny. Just found your channel and im loving it as well. You're right, the recipes are simple and delicious. Il stay tuned xox

  6. hi jenny i was a big fan of your show and now i am a big fan of your cooking show .i am 79 but still like to try new things. i love the way you cook wonderful reciepes and no frills and easy to do .i just took the cinnemen bread out of the oven and smells so good too warm to try yet hoping its good.keep on cooking i will keep watching

  7. Hello Jenny, thank you so much for being so enthusiastic , colorful and happy. I love your work, thanks a lot. Warm greetings from the Gold Coast , Australia Anna:-)

  8. YAY!! A panczki recipe i can put in the oven! I hate frying anything. Living in the West i cannot get those wonderful doughnuts on Fat Tuesday. No one knows what they are out here! (LOL) (I am originally from michigan and miss those tasty delights!) It was always the start of the Easter holiday in our family. Thanks for sharing so many polish recipes that i grew up on. Love your channel!

  9. I see many receipes for instant pots. I don't have one so how can I convert the recipe to be cooked with slow cooker or stovetop or oven? Also I do have an air fryer but I seem to have trouble with trying to adjust the timing and keep overcooking my food in it.

  10. Hi jenny! Im so glad I found your channel. It feels like Dejavu from years ago! I used to watch you on tv and loved your show. Im so glad you are sharing your delicious recipes with us, thank you!

  11. Hi Jenny. I would like to say that listening and watching you cooking gives so much inspiration. You're not just a cook, you're a beautiful lady with elegant smile, smart mind, and overall have a beautiful sense of humour in which makes your presentation more pleasant.. Good for you.. Best Regards..

  12. I found you and your channel A year ago in 2017 I love all your videos and have made several things and they turned out beautifully but what I really want to know is where you get your pretty coloured latex gloves 👍🏻😍

  13. Jenny, love your videos. I tried making the no knead whole wheat bread but just had the regular bread flour, anyway, I didn't have a mixer so I tried mixing it by hand…(pain in the you know what) anyway, I did everything but as I look inside my oven, I see that the top of the bread flatten out a little. What did I do wrong.

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