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What A Moderately Healthy Vegan Eats In A Week #51

I’m not a dietitian. This is what a basic foodie girl eats in a week trying to be mindful of spending cause rent is expensive. Merch: …

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  1. i was obsessed with breaking bad when it first came out, seems like a lifetime ago ha, such an amazing show, the best shows i've seen since then were the deuce and euphoria

  2. sending love and good vibes to your dad and family 🖤 have you ever talked about what you studied in college? and good luck getting berto to finish breaking bad! my bf tried to get me to watch it for yeaaars and when we finally did I loved it and we would go on walks together and talk about the show lol

  3. Hey Rebecca Nom sorry about your dad getting sick 😷 but really glad to hear he is getting better its crazy it’s been a year and we are still dealing with this stuff I loved your video and that Mac and cheese looked good no judgment here I hate doing dishes so I get it lol

  4. Awesome video! Random, but my husband also does not enjoy watching TV shows but he looooved Breaking Bad. I think we've rewatched the series at least 4 times at his request 😅

  5. Sending you dad healing thoughts… And, keeping your family in heartfelt best wishes too. May your dad be better everyday, and back to doing the things he likes to do soo. Blessings to all!

  6. Yes, please!! Include the meal preps! Most of us are crazy busy too and those would be very helpful.
    Glad to hear that your father is doing better. Much love <3

  7. Sending you and your family lots of love and I hope your dad fully recovers really soon. As always I love your vids since you are always authentic in all your reviews.

  8. Great video Rebecca @ Vegan Bodegacat and sorry to hear about your dad but it's great that he's recovering. Sending love 💕 to Rebecca and family. Thankfully my mum has had the first dose of the vaccine and due to have her second next month.

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