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What I Ate: Easy Vegan Meals

Here’s everything I ate in a day as a vegan while social distancing! All relevant recipes will be linked below 🙂 ✗ My Kitchen Staples + Supplements …

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  1. you are and inspiration to me at the age of 58 ive been plant based since January i had a melt down to eat chicken but gave up im hanging in there my hubby is a meat eater and im the Chef but today my news feed showed a report of meat factories contaminated with covid 19 what in the world is going on with people what part of sick stay home don't they really not going back im trying to get my hubby to stop kids and grands Damn the whole Family The whole world. wake up people. God Bless us All.

  2. I just had a casserole for lunch which I made by modifying one of your dump and bake casserole recipes. I just used some mixed beans and red beets because I dindnt have any other veggies and it turned out great.

  3. I don't like that guy, I think he's gonna be living off of her, she's in love right now but some day she will realize this unfortunately!! I hope she does not put him as an owner on her house, she will regret it some day, I just know!!

  4. I'm way late and I never comment but my favorite thing I've eaten today was a ton of sauteed cabbage with a peanut dressing I make. That's breakfast almost every morning, usually I have broccoli in it too but I haven't wanted to face the grocery store lol.

  5. If you're reading this and you're alive and breathing then this message is for you: God loves you so, so much, you can not fathom His love for you! It does not matter what's your gender, your luck so far in life, or what you have done in your past (trust me I'm the worst of them all). God came in the flesh in a man named Jesus Christ and gave His life to take the punishment that should have been yours. If you don't believe me, then ask Him. Find a quiet space where you're alone, and HONESTLY ask the Creator if He is real. The Lord replies to those who pray to Him in humility and who truly believes He’s real. God’s love for you is the strongest force in existence. Stronger than gravity, stronger than whatever you're going through right now (even if it’s this pandemic). If you're already a believer, then never forget what you just read! And make sure your relationship with the Heavenly Father is active, real, honest, alive and well. Not lazy like most of us Christians are with God. If you truly have a real, intimate, interactive relationship with the Heavenly Father, if He is truly real to you, if you’ve been spiritually quickened, nothing bad that happens in this world can really move, shake or sway you, because all your hope and faith is in the Most High. Especially with this Corona Virus pandemic, if you’re truly resting and depending on the Lord as your everything, eating His sp'rkmrkcoxiritual flesh and drinking His spiritual blood every day, there’s no fear or worry in your heart, because our hope is Christ. If I die, it’s gain, if I live, it’s Christ. And if you don’t have this kind of relationship, but want it, then go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to reveal who He is to you, and ask Him for the Holy Spirit (read Luke Chapter 11:1-13). But one thing I must point out to those who call themselves Christians, one of the most important yet misunderstood things about being saved: you must truly repent of every sin, big or small (read Luke 13:1-9). Secondly, you must deny yourself, pick up your cross, and live for the Lord every day of your life — the Lord himself said if you don’t obey God’s will, you’re not worthy for Heaven. If you're a nonbeliever, please be humble and go see for yourself if what I'm saying is true or not. I didn't come to argue, I was sent to change. Make a change, Christians! You aren't meant to hang around and live for yourself like everyone else! God bless you all!!

  6. I love your videos. I dunno what it is, you're just really cool. I'm not vegan- I normally eat vegan but occasionally have cheese, ghee, and buttermilk (Indian food). Lovely lovely thanks!

  7. Can you post a more in depth video about transitioning to intuitive eating, letting go of measuring all your food, counting calories, being TOO obsessed with healthy eating etc? Your journey has been so inspiring <3

  8. Your dinner looked amazing!
    My favorite thing I ate today was a lentil kale sweet potato concoction it had lots of Indian spices coconut milk onions ginger garlic it was so good!

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