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What I Ate For Breakfast This Week / Instant & Healthy Ideas

What I Ate For Breakfast This Week / Instant & Healthy Ideas Mentioned In The Video: My ‘What I Ate For Dinner’ Video- My ‘What I …

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  1. Omg I love you and your channel so much!! I randomly clicked on one of your videos when it was recommended to me and unknowingly after some time I was subscribed to you and I started watching your videos on a regular basis and I'm really happy I actually started watching you and I love each and every video of yours!! Love that you're not just any other ordinary youtuber and I love your content which is different from others youtubers!! Stay the same Mridul♥️💫

  2. When i tried that rawa dosa it didn't turned out good i just didn't add curry leaves and lemon juice rather than that everything was the same but the rawa dosa didn't turned out well 😔
    Edit : Ok so now that i realise the trick is add less rice flour and more rava into it than it turns out well

  3. Hey favorite ♥️ you are an inspiration to many❤️ and so healthy yet yummy breakfast recipes can come out only from such amazing people ❤️❤️

  4. Most of the items you showed are very affordable and most of the peoples have…you added your flavor and customized them 😅✌they are updated foods😘😘…and half of the things I made at home ❣ ly mridul thanks do more ideas like this 😍

  5. Your videos are great and I enjoy watching your food videos! Btw I have a suggestion to make your cookies a little bit more healthy! Instead of using maida you could use oat flour! You can just grind some oats and you’ll have the oat flour and instead of m&ms you could use raising!! You’ll have oatmeal raisin cookies!. I know it doesn’t make that much difference but I swear they taste amazing! Just like pheobe’s oatmeal raisin cookies! Also, they taste amazing with coffee!
    Much Much Love to you! Keep up the good work♥️

  6. Okay so , I made the sugar cookies and they taste so good! Here are some tips to help you out:
    1. Make them quite flat as they will rise a bit . If they are thick , they will take ages to fully bake .
    2. You can use an Idly stand if you have one . Just place one at the bottom completely empty and then place your cookies on the remaining top stands
    3. Once you place the cookies in the stand , you can take melted butter and coat the top of the cookies with it. It makes it taste really good 🙂

  7. Hii mridul
    1 you have done one mistake in rava dosa i.e. you have to rest the rava batter for half an hour to 1 hour then its make the proper recipie
    2 for the chia pudding when you add custard powder you have to heat milk and cool down and then add chia seeds and soak then add fruits its taste very good
    Thank you
    I am sorry if you feel bad

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