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What I Ate: Quick & Easy Vegan Meals

I challenged myself to make my breakfast, lunch, and dinner in less than 15 minutes! Did I succeed? Watch to find out 😉 Get a 25% off your order + a free gift …

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  1. You passed in my opinion. Not only were you cooking your meals in a short time you were also explaining it all to your viewers which takes a great amount of concentration (IMHO). Great Job!!

  2. Lots of people complaining about Thrive market in the comments but for people like me, who live in a smallish town in Utah, Thrive is much easier for me to find things for my vegan diet. The grocery stores around me have very limited selection of things I need sometimes (jackfruit is impossible to find, cashew butter, etc) so for me it works 🤷‍♀️

  3. You need some real protein! You’re going to age faster than Kristina in a few years. 🤣🤣 Get some steak 🥩 silly girl, before you have to do,” how to look 55 at 25,” videos.

  4. While I love you and your videos, Thrive Market is so expensive compared to local stores near me. At least here in Florida! I can honestly get same things at Whole Foods for the same price minus the annual fee. Plus I can get so much organic pantry staples at tons of other stores for half the price. I get that thrive market might be a good option for someone who doesn’t have good grocery stores near them but I don’t think they’re saving you any money.

  5. I love the idea of this video, and your recipes are spot on! But one small personal thing, the shaky camera and all the zooming in and out was really hard for me to watch, in fact I mostly just had this on in the background. I realize this is a totally personal thing, and this is your channel, but thought I'd put this out there.

  6. I liked this video because I appreciated the use of some ready made options. I’m in school and work full time so making all things from scratch is not an option but I still strive to eat healthy. 🥦

  7. Hi. I am getting a puppy on Saturday. I noticed in an old video that you feed your dogs wild earth. Do you still feed them that? I’m going to order some soon I think, it’s just so hard to find people who use it because of the haters of vegan dog food. Thanks in advance 😊

  8. I do the same thing for breakfast, except I cook it for 3-5 minutes. I’ll use whatever kind of fruit I have handy. Also you can do it overnight oats style and it’s great for grab and go.

  9. Love this!!!!! Could you Please tell me where the glass mixing bowl is from? or the brand? I have been looking everywhere for those wider rim ones and no luck!

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